Trump Challenges 2020 Liars To Public Duel

Never before in U.S. history has a presidential election been so brazenly rigged, set-up, and stolen than during the nightmare last November.

The Democrats took full advantage of a global pandemic to push the results in their favor. Now they’re doing everything they can to cover their tracks by using mainstream propaganda media outlets to bury the story.

But Former President Donald Trump is demanding the truth be aired out.

Former President Donald Trump issued a statement Sunday calling for a public debate on “the facts, not the fiction” regarding the 2020 presidential election.

The mainstream propagandists at CNN, NBC, et al have repeated the phrase “the Big Lie” in reference to conservative concerns over the 2020 election results. Despite mounting proof of fraud and wrongdoing there has never and will never be even a slight mention of it. It’s far too risky to shed an ounce of light of the crimes committed by liberal elite.

Parroting the “Big Lie” line, liberals are essentially attempting to brainwash the populous as depicted in George Orwell’s novel 1984. In the book, Orwell describes a “double speak” used to train the population and lull them into compliance with the Big Brother state.

Donald Trump is the only person standing between total liberal control over the American majority.

His willingness to demolish institutions to reveal underlying truth behind the 2020 election is sending Democrats in panic mode, but he isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Trump stated that he was “willing to challenge the heads of various papers or even far left politicians,” and called voter irregularities and fraud that plagued certain states “the real Big Lie.”

He added that the “highly partisan Unselect Committee of Democrats” refuse to look into what possibly caused the January 6th protest, and said that it may have been due to the irregularities surrounding the November election.

The former president then singled out specific states, such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and New Hampshire. Trump also included New Mexico in the list of states where he accused the Democrat secretary of state of unconstitutionally altering the state’s voting laws without legislative approval right before the election. He then added that these changes made it “virtually impossible” for the Republican to win.

Meanwhile, many of the contested states either passed or proposed new election reform laws to combat the crimes committed in 2020.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth