Trump Celebrates What Could Be America’s Next Official Holiday

As Former President Donald J. Trump celebrates his birthday, it’s important to remember that he stands as one of America’s most impactful presidents. With only one term, he truly Made America Great Again with a series of policies that sent the country down a path of prosperity. Unfortunately, the current administration is working overtime to undermine that. But in celebration of Trump’s birthday, lets give a reminder of the miraculous accomplishments he was able to pull of in only four years.

A series of major successes in Trump’s ‘Win’ column came just recently when, after a trove of Dr. Fauci’s emails leaked, he was proven right on his initial theory that COVID-19 leaked from a Wuhan lab. While investigations commence into the matter, the mainstream media hacks who previously mocked the Former President are now raising the same questions a mere year later.

Additionally, scientific studies are now beginning to show enthusiasm for hydroxychloroquine, the controversial treatment for patients with COVID-19, which, again, was touted by Trump and subsequently downplayed by “scientists” and the media.

Finally, an watchdog from the Interior Department totally recused Donald Trump of the “Fake” news reports that he forcibly cleared Lafayette Park in Washington D.C. for his own public relations purposes as BLM protestors ravaged the area.

Here is a few of Former President Donald Trump’s most impactful accomplishments he achieved during his first White House term:

1.) Trump and his team pulled off a medical miracle when they galvanized both the public and private sectors to develop a COVID-19 vaccine in record time, saving arguably hundreds of thousands of lives and the United States from financial ruin. Operation Warp Speed is considered to be the most impactful government programs since the Manhattan Project which worked to develop the atomic bomb.

2.) He was one of the most peaceful presidents in modern history, being the first in 50 years to not start a foreign war or invade a foreign country.

3.) He brokered and signed the Abraham Accords — historic Middle East peace treaties between Israel and their rivaling Arab nations.

4.) The American judiciary was turned completely on its head. Not only did Trump appoint three SCOTUS Justices in just one term, but 25% of all U.S. Circuit Court Judges are not Trump nominees.

5.) Trump gained total energy independence for the United States. Multiple presidents, including Ronald Reagan, have called for it but could never get it done.. Biden is destroying that hard-fought feat with merely the stroke of a pen.

6.) Before the pandemic, Donald Trump transformed the American economy, creating over 7 million jobs, largely in the manufacturing sector, which was completely destroyed by his predecessors. Unemployment reached record lows, at times dipping below 3.5% and was the best ever for African Americans, Women, and other minority groups.

7.) ISIS was defeated. Under Trump’s ordered, the U.S. military eliminated terrorists leaders Abu Bak al Baghdadi and Iran’s top killer Quassim Soleimani. ISIS became inoperable when the Former President cut off their flow of money, using oil sanctions, banks, and other financial institutions to block funding for terrorist activities. In comparison, Obama used a soft approach, calling on Arab leaders to aid in ISIS’ takedown which resulted in the opposite – the terrorist group seemed unstopped by 2016.

8.) The US-Mexico border was safe and secure. Trump enabled the Mexican government to help with the surge of illegal immigrants flowing through their country, eventually ending up at America’s border.

9.) Trump protected veterans and eliminated many of the systematic issues plaguing the Veteran’s Administration. He made health care choice permanent for American war heroes.

10.) He secured the rescue of 56 Americans held hostage in 24 different foreign governments. Trump used sanctions and his understanding of business to leverage these governments, many of whom were torturing captured Americans.

11.) The Former President the sixth branch of U.S. Armed Forces, the Space Force.

12.) Trump passed the First Step Act which reformed the American prison system. Both major parties have promised it for decades, but it took the Trump administration to get it done.

13.) NATO countries finally began paying their fair share for U.S. military protection overseas. The media is now calling on Biden to give the money back.

14.) He signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs act which overhauled the national tax code unlike any president in the past 30 years. Most middle and working class Americans, and small business owners, experienced an unprecedented decrease of their tax burdens.

15.) Trump ended the disastrous NAFA trade deal and implemented the USMCA bill which America, Canada, and Mexico all like prefer. He received bipartisan support for this move and a giant “Thank You” from American farmers.

16.) He moved the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, their capital. Five previous presidents had promised they would do it. All of them broke that promise. Donald Trump kept his word.

In fact, even Donald Trump’s enemies agree that he kept his promises.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Thanks for your service to our country.

Author: Asa McCue