Trump Celebrates The End Of Liberal Media’s Most Vile Criminal

One down and about a 1,000 more to go.

Today is a day of celebration as one of CNN’s most heinous pundits is officially off the air indefinitely, and who better to celebrate with than Donald Trump.

Trump has been at war with CNN (and the entire propagandist media establishment) for decades now long before he took office. During his presidency CNN, and Chris Cuomo in particular, deliberately drummed up mass hysteria surrounding the Trump administration in an effort to tank public support and sabotage his America First agenda.

Now Trump is getting the last laugh.

On Tuesday, CNN announced that Chris Cuomo would be suspended from his nightly show indefinitely following a leak of bombshell text messages that indicated Chris was intimidating his brother’s sexual assault victims.

Chris Cuomo’s brother is the infamous sex pest ex-governor of New York who is currently facing numerous sexual harassment allegations. The former governor is also under fire for causing the untimely deaths of thousands in nursing homes across New York after he ordered COVID-positive patients to be housed there.

The text messages also suggest that Chris Cuomo used his connections in mainstream media to feed critical stories of his brother’s accusers.

President Donald Trump hailed the breaking news of CNN indefinitely suspending host Chris Cuomo, bringing back his nickname “Fredo” and mocking the ratings of his prime-time program.

Fredo was a nickname Trump used for the CNN host, a reference to Federico Corleone, a character in “The Godfather” who was a bumbling mobster in the mob family. Fredo was also a womanizer, which led to his being put out of favor by his mob-leading father.

A viral video was blocked on YouTube showing a New York man calling Cuomo “Fredo” in 2019.

However, the video has resurfaced much to everyone’s enjoyment.

Watch Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo completely lose his mind below:

If this is a sign that the mainstream propagandist media establishment is beginning to disintegrate, then perhaps America is in better shape than we thought!

Author: Elizabeth Tierney