Trump Brutally Destroys Bidens During Sold Out Rally

Despite opposition from the left, Donald Trump held a huge rally in Minneapolis, MN last night.

The formerly blue state is looking redder and redder, as a massive crowd flocked to see the president. During his re-election event, Trump called out Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. He brutally destroyed the so-called Democratic frontrunner over his apparent corruption.

Democrats are trying to run an illegal impeachment push against Donald Trump over something Joe Biden did. Why do I call it illegal? Because Nancy Pelosi didn’t bring it to a House vote, something every other impeachment inquiry did before starting.

The left thinks it can pin the crimes of Joe Biden onto Donald Trump. We all know Biden bragged about what he did to Ukraine. He threatened to withhold a billion dollars from the country unless they fired a man investigating his son. That’s what we call a big conflict of interest. President Trump merely wanted to get to the bottom of this scandal. For that, the left is trying to destroy him.

But last night in Minneapolis, Trump exposed a whole lot more about Biden and son. He decimated the would-be president, calling out his son Hunter and his sketchy career history.

During his rally in Minneapolis, Trump called out Biden for his alleged corruption schemes in Ukraine and China, where his son Hunter Biden was paid up to $83,000 a month to sit on a Ukrainian energy company’s board while his father was Vice President…

“Joe’s son Hunter got thrown out of the Navy and then he became a genius on Wall Street in about two days,” Trump said. “By the way, whatever happened to Hunter? Where the hell is he … Where’s Hunter?”

…“And your father was never considered smart, he was never considered a good Senator, he was only a good Vice President because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass,” Trump said to a roaring crowd.

Trump noted Hunter Biden’s deal with the Bank of China that provided him with a $1.5 billion check for his own private business dealings. [Source: Breitbart]

Trump called out Hunter Biden, who seems to have gone missing since this scandal came up. He talked about how Hunter got a cool $1.5 billion from the Bank of China. Just after Joe Biden started negotiating with the communist regime.

Hmm… seems like wherever Vice President Biden was interacting with foreign nations, his son got a huge payday. Almost as if… Joe was using his connections to make his son rich!

Trump accused Biden of knowing nothing about energy—yet getting a job at a Ukrainian energy company. Hunter Biden knew nothing about China—yet he got a massive investment from the country for his business.

All while Joe Biden was responsible for major interactions with these countries.

This stinks to high heaven, clearly. If this was going on between Trump and Donald Jr., the Democrats would be fuming mad. Just think about it: they are trying to take down Trump over a phone call. Yet they turned a blind eye to massive corruption while Joe Biden was vice president.

There was no investigation, no attempts at impeachment. Nothing to hold Joe accountable for helping his son make billions. Trump simply asks about this during a call with Ukraine and the left accuses him of breaking the law. Nice try, Democrats.

President Trump defiantly put the focus where it should be: on Biden and his son. Many on the left want Joe to become the next president. Yet they are unwilling to examine his relationships with China and Ukraine. What else could he have been up to while VP? And what will he do—should he become president?

Maybe we should start flying the Red Chinese Flag right now, huh?

The Democrats might not want to examine Biden, but Trump surely will. And his millions of supporters will not be so easily fooled into thinking it was the president who did anything wrong.

House Democrats can push their impeachment all they want, but it will go nowhere. And Trump won’t stop until he gets answers from Joe.

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