Trump Brings Everyone To Tears With Latest Announcement

Former President Donald Trump tugged at the the heartstrings of everyone in the audience at the North Carolina GOP convention, at which he gave a magnificent speech.

Trump, in beautiful detail, recalled the harrowing events which would unfold as U.S. Military cargo planes returned coffins of dead soldiers back to their families. He relayed his dismay, his feeling of horror as parents caught the first glimpse of their perished son or daughter who so bravely fought for our country. The emotional events inspired Trump; it inspired him to re-think the entire U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, which, against the advice of Democrats and RINOs, he began withdrawing troops from their posts in Afghanistan after 21 years.

The former Commander-in-Chief began his speech honoring the beautiful machines in which, under his tutelage, the U.S. military was able to build. These machines were responsible for transporting the coffins of befallen soldiers back to their families. He continued, saying to one military official, “General, the parents seemed to be OK” after the President would graciously converse with the parents of the fallen soldiers before the coffins arrived.

The General replied, “Sir, they’re not. They’re not OK.”

President Trump soon figured that out for himself.

You can listen to the entire story here:

Before the cargo planes arrived, Trump detailed the friendly, jovial conversations he had with the Gold Star parents, they often telling tales and sharing stories about their deceased loved on. The Former President remarked at how “amazing” the families handled the death of their loved ones. But then the plan doors would open and the flag-draped coffins would appear. This changed everything.

He relayed to the Republican audience the distress, the utter terror felt by the parents upon one glimpse of their deceased loved one laying in their coffin. Trump detailed the screams, “screams like I’ve never heard before” as reality sunk in for the parents, some of which broke through military ranks to throw themselves on their son or daughter’s coffin.

Then-President Trump knew something had to be done.

The events he witnessed inspired an overhaul of U.S. presence in the Middle East, namely in Afghanistan where Trump believes “so many mistakes were made” after 21 years of on-going military operations in the region.

Trump wanted to end the suffering, to silence the screams of the parents who’s children sacrifice everything – literally everything – to ensure our freedom here in America.

“And we’re moving them out,” Trump said. “We’re moving them back. Twenty-one years. You know, you’ve heard 19 years, but it’s not 19. Now, it’s 21 years in Afghanistan. It’s enough. And we haven’t lost a soldier in Afghanistan since January of last year. Not one single soldier’s been lost. Pretty amazing. It’s pretty amazing.”

He took action and the Former Commander-in-Chief brokered a deal the Taliban that would effectively end the longest war in America’s history. As part of the negotiations, Trump ensured that U.S. military forces would exit the region by May 1 – a deadline now pushed back by the pro-war Joe Biden.

In a sea of grave mistakes, this may be one of Joe Biden’s deepest. The cognitively-challenged president moved Trump’s deadline to the anniversary of the very event that brought our military Afghanistan’s borders – the 9/11 attacks. Now troops may lay in wait until September 11 when they finally can be reunited with the family in one piece.

Author: Asa McCue