Trump Blindsides Democrats With Unexpected Announcement

The Democratic National Convention we held last week. Among the many pieces of criticism made about the event was the shocking lack of policy discussed. Democrats wasted time attacking Trump and conservatives, blaming American for all its problems. But they offered no leadership or hope to make things better. This week marks the start of the GOP convention. And on the eve of the event, Trump announces his second-term agenda.

During his run for the White House in 2016, President Trump laid out a bold set of goals. Despite overwhelming opposition from Democrats, the mainstream media, and members of his own party, Trump accomplished much of his agenda.

That includes slashing government regulations by the thousands, lowering taxes, bringing back manufacturing jobs, landing historic trade deals, destroying ISIS, and building the border wall. Add to that hundreds of federal judge appointments (more than any other president), including two Supreme Court Justices.

Very little of his first-term agenda wasn’t fulfilled on some level. It’s a feat few presidents can boast. Now, right before the Republican National Convention, Trump is announcing his goals for his second term.

The Trump campaign released the president’s agenda for a second term Sunday evening, ahead of the 2020 Republican National Convention…

Described as a set of “core priorities,” the president’s agenda touches on ten broad topics, including the coronavirus pandemic and economic recovery, ending American “reliance” on China, standing up for police departments, and putting an end to illegal immigration in the country…

According to the campaign’s agenda, Trump has made a goal of “creating 10 million new jobs in 10 months,” creating 1 million new small businesses, and providing “Made in America” tax credits. The president also wants to bring to the United States one million jobs from China in the manufacturing sector, and offer incentives for businesses in some industries so that they can leave the communist nation for good. [Source: Daily Wire]

Trump’s goals are very bold, but they are keeping with the current climate in the United States. He wants to create 10 million jobs over 10 months, stand up for police, end America’s reliance on China, and end illegal immigration once and for all.

Many of his goals are consistent with what he’s promised to do since his first day in office. But he is also adapting to the current problems facing our country. He wants a vaccine by the end of 2020 and a “Return to Normal” by next year. His goal to hold China accountable is significant. Since the outbreak, many people have questioned our reliance on China, with many lawmakers wanting serious changes.

Funny, how Democrats haven’t even bothered to bring this up at any time in the last six months?

Perhaps what will be one of his most effective goals will be the “Made in America” tax credit. Such a move will give businesses a tax break, if they make their products in the United States. One of the big reasons so many companies outsource to countries overseas, is because of how expensive it is to manufacture goods in the U.S. From the cost of land to employee salaries and benefits to high taxes, many companies would rather ship jobs to China.

A tax credit would lower the costs significantly, enticing many companies to come back and set up shop in the USA.

The plan Trump has laid out is markedly different from what Bide discussed during the DNC… which was nothing. Democrats are running on a platform of hate and slander. They want you to vote for them because they are not Trump.

Which means, they are not leaders who are offering hope and progress after a crushing pandemic. They are not leaders who are trying to bring back jobs, uphold law and order, and protect the country.

Simply put, they are not leaders.

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