Trump and Governors Race To Re-Open Economy

The fear of the coronavirus lead to unprecedented shutdowns of our society. We watched as state and local leaders took away our freedoms and shuttered us inside our homes. Now, as we learn just how undeadly the virus is, Americans are demanding change. The president and state leaders are rushing to end the nightmare fight.

It’s been a hell of a few months, hasn’t it? Let’s go over the timeline a bit. Back in March, Americans from all backgrounds were panicking about this new, deadly virus. “Experts” and predictive models said it was an extremely contagious and deadly disease. Even level-headed people were terrified that millions would get infected. People were willing to put up with the most extreme measures, if it meant they’d be safe from this new boogieman.

Only a few reasonable voices were worried about the dictator-like steps our government was taking to keep us “safe.”

Jump to mid-April and Americans are outraged. Not because of the virus, but because of our how local leaders have been treating us. Kentucky’s governor threatened to punish people who went to church on Easter. Michigan’s governor forbade, forbade, Americans from privately visiting their friends or family.

The overly-strict limits recommended by the White House have ruined lives, killed small businesses, derailed academic careers, and devastated important plans.

Is it a surprise that Americans in numerous states are demanding an end to this nonsense? The doom and gloom predictions about this disease never came true. And most believe that “social distancing” and shutdowns had nothing to do with that. Americans are even planning protests to get the economy back open.

So, it should come as no surprise that both the president and local leaders are preparing to end these shutdowns, ASAP.

An arms race of sorts has emerged between red states and blue states to reopen America, with Democrat and Republican governors developing rivaling plans to lead their states out of the darkness of the coronavirus crisis while the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force and President Donald Trump’s ultimate decision looms large over the country…

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, is eyeing a plan rollout as early as this week to begin opening parts of his state back up for commerce…

The White House, sources familiar with the matter told Breitbart News, has a list of approximately 20 states they intend to begin the reopening process in as soon as potentially later this week but definitely before the end of April. [Source: Breitbart]

New York’s governor said “The worst is over.” Northeast states like NY, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware are discussing plans to reopen their economies. West Coast governors of California, Washington, and Oregon are also quickly putting together their own plan.

The president spoke during his briefing yesterday, discussing his plan to reopen the economy. Even though his strict limits were to last through the end of April, he said they are hoping to do it “ahead of schedule.”

This all points to the fact that the academic models for virus deaths were wrong. What we were told about COVID-19 was more fearmongering than fact. Yet even if it was as deadly as they said, did it justify a plan that crippled our economy and robbed us of our Constitutional rights? Who said our leaders can shut down businesses and force us into our homes—over a disease?

Where does it say in our laws that mayors, governors, or even the president can wipe out or rights?

Only now, after untold damage has been done, have our leaders seen the error of their ways. Though none of them will ever admit that.

In a matter of days, or weeks, we will be seeing large portions of the country return to normal. Sure, it may be longer before harmed businesses recover. And students might not recover for another year. But the worst part of this shutdown will be over. Then comes the really hard part: making sure such dictatorial attacks on our liberty never happen again.

And that part is up to us, not the government.

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