Trump 2020 Enthusiasm Dwarfs First-Term Excitement

Much like in 2016, President Trump has been tirelessly visiting swing states in his bid for re-election. And, defying the liberal media polls, tens of thousands gathered to see him. The enthusiasm for Trump’s second term seems to be dwarfing that of his first term.

In the last day before the election, Trump was in Wisconsin and Michigan, two states the media claims are already in Biden’s bag. I guess nobody told these historic crowds.

Tens of thousands of Trump supporters gathered at late-night rallies in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Grand Rapids, Michigan on Monday night — the eve of Election Day…

Grand Rapids was the site of the last Trump campaign rally in 2016, another late-night event that began in the wee hours of the morning on Election Day. [Source: Breitbart]

In Grand Rapids, Trump made his final bid to the American people for why he should be re-elected. He reminded voters of his immense success in just his first term. And he warned what’s to come if they elect a left-wing Trojan horse like Joe Biden.

And it didn’t seem like Trump was all that worried about his chance.

President Trump used his final rally in Michigan to make a bold prediction: he’s going to win the state, and he’ll do so easily…

“We’re gonna win the state of Michigan so easily,” Trump said…

The city was also the final stop of the Trump campaign in 2016 before he defeated Hillary Clinton.

“This was our final night prior to a very, very big victory,” Trump told the crowd. “We’re going to have another beautiful victory tomorrow.” [Source: Fox News]

Joe Biden tried to sound just as confident in Pennsylvania… to about 250 cars. Yeah, Joe, nobody believes you.

Democrats and anti-Trumpers keep quoting bogus polls, as if they were some sort of mantra that will change reality. If you look at what’s going on in this country, you see a very different picture. Americans of all backgrounds are coming out in record numbers to support the president. Early voting has surpassed expectations in nearly every state—especially swing states.

Do you really think all those people are coming out to elect Sleepy Joe?

Trump had record turnout during the primaries, indicating just how excited voters are to cast a vote for him. Throughout this year, we’ve seen Trump as a hard-working, devoted leader even in the face of a pandemic, riots, and intense media hatred.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, has been enjoying his basement, offering no vision or leadership during one of the hardest times in our history.

The economy has already been recovering since the March lockdowns. That could only be possible because of Trump’s policies. Americans can look forward to better days in the coming year, as he vowed to cut even more taxes, bring back more jobs, and hold China accountable for the virus.

Joe Biden predicted a “dark winter.” If he is elected, that’s the end of America’s prosperity, success, and global example of hope in trying times. Biden would give up, force the rest of us to do so as well, all in the name of appeasing his Chinese masters.

I think the American people know who they’re voting for. And so does Trump.

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