Troops In Syria Granted A Merry Christmas — U.S. Led Coalition Shower Soldiers With Gifts

YouTube/Screenshot/Public — User: VOA

Hundreds of American troops in Syria received Christmas gifts because of “Operation Holiday Express,” an effort spearheaded by U.S.-led coalition forces in Iraq.

The presents were delivered with a CH-47 Chinook helicopter and coalition forces wore Santa Claus hats as they delivered presents to American troops, according to the Associated Press. Soldiers received stockings with candy, toiletries and other presents, and the scene included a military band playing Christmas music.

Presents for the troops were largely donated by U.S. military support organizations. Churches and charity organizations also donated gifts, according to coalition spokesman Col. Myles Caggins.

Christmas presents were delivered to American troops serving in Syria. (YouTube/Screenshot/Public — User: VOA)

“Operation Holiday Express” was designed to bring Christmas cheer to the American troops unable to go home for the holiday, Caggins said, according to the AP.

The U.S. has decreased the number of American troops in Syria and President Donald Trump said in October that he would be pulling troops from the country. However, around 500 or 600 U.S. troops will remain in Syria to counter Islamic State fighters, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley previously said, according to the AP.

Author: Shelby Talcott

Source: Daily Caller: American Troops In Syria Receive Christmas Gifts Thanks To ‘Operation Holiday Express’

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