Trey Gowdy Sends Democrats Running With His Impeachment Estimate

It’s the new year and we are getting closer to the end of this impeachment charade. Democrats were hoping to impeach Trump as a way of ending his chances at re-election. But from all appearances, their impeachment push is backfiring. Former congressman Trey Gowdy spoke about the left’s scheme. He tore it and them to shreds.

You might remember Trey Gowdy’s role in uncovering what Hillary Clinton did (or better put, did not do) during the siege on Benghazi. It was Gowdy’s work that revealed how the former Secretary of State sat back and refused to send help as terrorists attacked our embassy. Four Americans died, including an ambassador, because Hillary Clinton denied them aid—and went to sleep as the fighting raged.

During her campaign for president, Clinton was trying to hide all this information. But Gowdy released his committee’s findings around that time, showing the world exactly how Clinton abandoned our men when they needed her most.

You could say his report helped ensure Clinton’s ultimate defeat.

Now, Gowdy is setting his sights on the left’s bogus impeachment campaign. He was set to become a member of Trump’s defense. But D.C. swamp rules prevented him from doing so. That hasn’t stopped him from weighing in on the left’s pathetic attempt to remove your president from office.

“He’s got great facts… I think for several months we’ve been talking about the process and how fundamentally flawed it’s been. Imagine being investigated by somebody like Adam Schiff, that’s the process.… The single best piece of evidence for the president is the transcript itself…”

“Go pull the transcript from the first phone call. Not a single word. Look at the remainder of the transcript. What does the president say? He said I want you to do ‘us’ a favor. For those wondering who ‘us’ is, he answered it, he said I want you, our country has been through a lot. The ‘us’ is linked to the country…”

“The only thing President Trump did is he inserted Bill Barr and if it’s an impeachable offense to ask the attorney general, the top law enforcement officials of the country, to look in to potential impropriety… then we’re not going to have presidents serving very long.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Gowdy set the record straight by looking at the facts. Democrats have been pushing hearsay and rumor all this time. They want us to believe their interpretation of Trump’s phone call with Ukraine, based on the opinion of partisan hacks. But the transcript itself clears Trump’s name.

President Trump was, in fact, doing his job. He was asking for Ukraine to aid the United States is rooting out corruption. Isn’t that what we want the president to do? Shouldn’t he rely on the AG to catch criminals? On the other side, Joe Biden pressured Ukraine to fire a man who was investigating his son’s company. He threatened to withhold a billion in aid. Biden later bragged about it to anyone who would listen.

So who was really offering an illegal quid-pro-quo?

Once again, we see Democrats accusing the president of something they are guilty of. This entire impeachment scheme has been a cover for Joe Biden’s crimes. That’s the reason they are doing it.

That’s also the reason Nancy Pelosi is too scared to send the articles to the Senate. When the Senate trial is held, Trump will actually have a chance to defend himself. Do you think he’s going to sit back and say nothing?

Of course not. He’s going to hammer the Democrats over Ukraine. He’s going to expose every time the left offered quid-pro-quos or broke the law. He’s going to show the country that the real abusers of power are in the House, not the White House.

Gowdy stood up for the president when he said: “look at the facts.” The facts are on Trump’s side. Democrats only have their partisan slander. But Americans are seeing through their web of lies.

We demand the Senate trial. We demand the president have the right to defend himself and reveal the truth.

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