Top ‘Squad’ Member Gets Caught Doing Something Unforgivable

It seems “Democratic socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez never fails to contradict her own statements and values. The New York congresswoman has long criticized Republican-led states who oppose drastic measures to “slow” COVID. She, like the rest of her morally-bankrupt party, supports vaccine passports, indoor mask mandates, and other acts of oppression against American citizens.

But she was just outed last week, when photos emerged of her sipping cocktails in Miami, Florida. A progressive who frequently criticized Florida and other red states fled her state (which is suffering from new restrictions), to enjoy a break from the tyranny. When called out for her hypocrisy, she made up bizarre claims against her critics.

She has not learned her lesson. Because she was seen yet again, partying maskless.

The openly socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) appears to have brushed off critics of her New Year’s escape to Florida as her home state undergoes a surge in coronavirus cases by allegedly partying maskless at a drag bar in Miami.

Posted Sunday by Florida’s Conservative Voice, the video appeared to show the maskless congresswoman being welcomed onto the stage at a densely packed drag queen bar as she waved and smiled at cheering fans.

AOC’s appearance at the drag queen bar comes several days after National Review revealed photos of the congresswoman relaxing maskless at a restaurant in Miami Beach alongside her boyfriend. Her trip to the free state of Florida occurred just as New York was experiencing a surge in omicron cases. [Source: Breitbart]

Why is lockdown-approving AOC willing to go to Florida, where there are no mask rules or other COVID restrictions? If she believes the stuff she says, Florida is the last place she would want to go. Especially a densely-populated city like Miami. Yet not only was she seen maskless at a bar a few days ago, but she was videoed partying in a crowded bar just the other day.

It doesn’t seem like she’s all that worried about omicron or whatever new variant the media is hyping up. AOC has no problem visiting one of our “evil” conservative states when she is trying to get away from the abusing restrictions of her home state.

AOC doesn’t even have a strong argument for her hypocrisy. She tried to brush off criticism by claiming conservatives are just upset that they can’t date her. Uh… lol, what? Is she so out of ideas that she is resorting to high school-level jabs? This woman is supposed to be a U.S. congress member. Yet she is acting like a spoiled child.

Remember when Ted Cruz flew his family on a pre-planned vacation to Mexico during the Texas blizzard? Democrats tried to make him look like a monster. Yet we’re supposed to be fine with this Democrat and her obvious double standard?

When are they going to drop this charade and stop pretending like COVID requires such drastic limits on our freedoms? I guess we’ll need to photograph a few more liberals breaking their own rules.

Author: Alexander Jefferson