Top Republican Takes Action To Secure Border Amid Biden’s Absence

As the Biden administration continues to crumble, it’s going to take strong Republican leadership to restore a semblance of security, normalcy, and freedom.

Only a handful of GOP governors and lawmakers seem willing or able to fight back against the Biden administration, Texas Governor Greg Abbott being one of them.

The Lone Star Governor has resorted to historic action to secure his state’s border with Mexico amid an historic swarm of illegal immigrants. Abbott’s tactics are surely unprecedented, including the use of thousands of state vehicles to create a steel barrier at the border.

Biden and his fledging administration came in to Abbott’s crosshairs this week during a press conference in which the governor slammed Sleepy Joe’s lax border enforcement policies. Abbott informed reporters that his administration was filling in the security holes left agape by the federal government.

“The only thing [the Biden administration has] shown is an incapability of dealing with this crisis, candidly, in a way where they pretend it doesn’t even exist. And we’re here to tell you, it exists, it is total chaos, and the Biden administration — they need to up their game, big time.”

Abbott has dedicated state resources to securing the southern border, directing Texas National Guard troops and law enforcement to the state’s southern boundary to deter migrants from illegally entering the U.S. The governor posted several images Wednesday showing the “steel barrier” of state vehicles.

In a follow-up message, Abbott posted more pictures of the barricade staffed by Texas National Guard and law enforcement officers.

Abbott demanded Biden issue a federal emergency declaration on Monday, but Joe denied the request and ignored the crisis instead. A federal emergency declaration would free up federal resources for Texas border communities to use in dealing with the safety and security of their towns. Specifically Del Rio, Texas – arguably hit the hardest with illegals – is in desperate need of federal intervention as thousands of Haitian migrants set up makeshift border camps underneath a nearby bridge.

Despite repeating “Do Not Come” and “The Border Is Closed,” illegal migrants are calling the Biden administration’s bluff and coming in by the thousands anyway. At this rate, there will be no America left for those who were born here or immigrated legally.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney