Top Republican Makes Bombshell Prediction About Trump In 2024

After the kind of year Joe Biden has had, few should have hopes of a solid reelection bid. It would take a miracle for his administration to remedy all of the many problems he created. But it’s unlikely that the people who caused all this chaos have the intelligence to fix it.

Americans began talking about 2024 the moment Joe entered office. And, with his cascade of failures, more are discussing the next chance they can elect a new president. Naturally, Republicans have speculated who might carry their ticket all the way into the White House. Plenty of names have been thrown around.

But one top senator is revealing who he thinks has the best change at securing the race.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) says the 2024 presidential election is former President Donald Trump’s “to lose” should he seek the White House again…

The South Carolina Republican explained how the GOP remembered Trump’s presidency fondly, declaring him the most successful president from a policy point of view since former President Ronald Reagan…

“What he should do, in my humble opinion, is remind people how he secured the border, how he took the fight to ISIS and destroyed the caliphate, how we were so much better off internationally, the Iran deal is a nightmare in the making for Israel, regain energy independence,” he continued. “I think 2024 is President Trump’s election to lose. 2022 is a blowout year for the Republicans in the House and the Senate if we talk about policy.” [Source: Breitbart]

Echoing statements from Bill O’Reilly and others, Lindsey Graham says Trump has a strong chance of returning to the White House. But only if he runs on policy. The senator stressed Trump must run a “disciplined” campaign, which could be referencing the 45th president’s reputation for bold comments online.

But aside from that, Trump has one of the strongest records for any president. He secured the border, defeated ISIS, brought back U.S. manufacturing, created American energy independence, and more. All Trump has to do is compare that to Joe Biden’s insanely terrible failures from just this year alone.

Even if Trump runs against someone else, his record speaks for itself. Republicans, independents, and even many Democrats would flock to reelect him. After seeing just how bankrupt the Democrats are, millions of voters would be eager to return Trump to the White House.

Much will be decided in 2022. Americans will have their first chance to strike back against Democrats’ failed leadership. If a red wave sweeps Republicans into power, Trump will be even better poised to secure the presidency.

Graham believes it’s his race to lose. All that we need to see is whether Trump wants it or not. For that, I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Author: Alex Smith