Top Republican Hammers Biden – Calls Republicans To Action Nationwide

How sad America has become. Just a few short years ago, America was once again the envy of the world. Our economy was booming. Jobs were flooding the country. And we were producing more energy than anyone else in the world.

Today? America is a laughing stock. Our economy is in a free fall. Migrants flood the country as jobs evaporate. Inflation is choking average Americans. And Russia will soon be a dominate force in energy.

How did this happen? You can blame the pandemic all you want, but the vast majority of our problems today are the result of one idiot in the White House. Joe Biden seems to be deliberately hurting our country, pushing policies that benefit the ruling elite and their radical allies—not hard-working Americans.

And the top Republican in the House is calling on every member to defy him.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) unloaded on Democrat President Joe Biden in a letter sent to Republican lawmakers on Sunday, warning that the Democrats’ policies were doing significant harm to the country…

“Americans planning to get back into the office and travel with their families face the highest gas prices in seven years – when Joe Biden was Vice President…

“Our grocery bills are rising too. Milk, bacon, and meat, just to name a few, are now more expensive than recent years…

“This inflation is a tax on Americans and is directly related to the Democrats’ reckless policies…

“The Democrats have responded standing with calls to defund the police and open our borders. In fact, the border crisis has led to terrorists trying to enter our country. The Administration’s response: laughter. The American people deserve real leadership – most of which is currently failing across the board.” [Source: Daily Wire]

McCarthy was brutal in his rebuke to Biden, Harris, and their allies in Congress. He laid all the problems we’re facing today at the feet of Democrats. It’s not hard to see why. Even during the pandemic, America was recovering when Trump was president. But it’s only taken Joe Biden a few months to erase all the progress the previous administration made.

On nearly every issue, Biden has been a failure. And the people who suffer most are every day, hard-working Americans. McCarthy even called out the growing sentiment that the virus emerged from the Wuhan lab. As millions are waking up to this realization, McCarthy claims the “Democrats in charge have no plan to hold China accountable.”

In fact, Biden appears more interested in the wealth and prosperity of Russia and China, than he does America. Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi ignore the problems facing the country and push an “out-of-touch agenda” McCarthy says only pleases “their corporate cocktail allies and radical activists.”

So, what is McCarthy’s solution? He is calling on every last House Republican to stand together to fight “for a greatness that we reached just a few years ago.” Right now, Republicans in the House don’t have a majority to turn the tide. But he is clearly looking to the future. In just another year, Republicans can retake the House in the 2022 midterms. Now is the time for them to fight to win every vote.

And McCarthy is not wasting any time.

Author: Sam Anderson