Top GOP Leader Gives Full Support To Pro-Trump Newcomer

Donald Trump has proven himself to be the leading taste maker in the Republican Party.

An endorsement from the Former President holds its weight in gold, and no one knows that better than NFL legend Herschel Walker.

Georgia Senate candidate and ex-pro football player Herschel Walker is under the wing of Donald Trump, his personal friend of 20+ years. To make the deal even sweeter for Walker, he recently earned the endorsement of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. This cements Walker’s role in the Republican Party as leaders work to wrestle about Democrat majorities.

“Herschel is the only one who can unite the party, defeat Senator (Raphael) Warnock, and help us take back the Senate. I look forward to working with Herschel in Washington to get the job done,” McConnell said in a statement.

McConnell’s endorsement is his first for a non-incumbent in the 2022 elections, and it couldn’t come at a more opportune time for Walker.

The pro-Trump Georgian has yet to lock down the GOP primary for the 2022 midterm race against Warnock. Though he faces several lesser-known opponents, any clout behind his campaign will ensure his success before races get tighter.

On Monday, the retired football player also received an endorsement from Sen. John Thune, the No. 2 Senate Republican.

Concerns over Walker’s past waned in recent days as GOP leaders can’t help but to notice the football legend’s fundraising prowess and his ability to assemble a winning campaign team.

The eventual Republican nominee will face Warnock, a freshman Democrat and Marxist who won his seat in a special election under questionable circumstances. However, the Marxist minister has been raising massive amounts of funds ahead of his reelection.

According to unnamed sources, Walker has also received a donation from Senate GOP chair Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso.

The former athlete has drawn scrutiny for his past behavior, including his divorce from a woman who accused him of pointing a gun at her head and engaging in controlling behavior.

But Walker has been candid about his struggles with a mental health condition, writing in a 2008 book that he’d been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, once known as multiple personality disorder. He said he constructed alternate personalities as a defense against bullying that he suffered as a stuttering, overweight child. Walker was raised in Wrightsville, 50 miles east of Macon.

Walker has also received endorsements from GOP Sens. Josh Hawley of Missouri, Steve Daines of Montana, Roger Marshall of Kansas, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney