Top General Gives Biden a Warning About China He Can’t Possibly Ignore – Or Can He?

We’ve seen in recent days just how aggressive China is becoming. I guess they think they are off the hook for that whole “plunging the world into a pandemic” thing, so they are starting to stretch their military muscles. They have made numerous threats against the nation of Taiwan, promising to annex the country. China might invade any day now.

More recently, they stunned Biden’s sleepy administration with a hypersonic missile test. Former Trump staffers warned that China was ramping up its military might—something Biden’s officials refused to acknowledge.

Now, a top U.S. general is warning the country that China cannot be ignored any longer.

Four-star General John E. Hyten, the outgoing Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warned this week that communist China’s military progression is “stunning” and that the U.S. must take immediate action to remain the world’s preeminent superpower…

“The pace they’re moving and the trajectory they’re on will surpass Russia and the United States if we don’t do something to change it. It will happen. So, I think we have to do something.”…

Hyten warned that the U.S. is currently only making “marginal progress” in responding to the growing Chinese threat because “the Department of Defense is still unbelievably bureaucratic and slow.” [Source: Daily Wire]

General Hyten warned that China is rapidly improving its military capabilities and will surpass the U.S. and Russia in a matter of years. The only solution is for America and our allies to speed up own our development, to counter what China is doing. But he laments that our current Pentagon is much too slow.

He blames the burden of government bureaucracy is preventing our military from doing its job. Hmm… who could be responsible for that? We know it wasn’t Donald Trump—who slashed red tape to help accelerate our military’s improvement.

We can only conclude the current problems within our military are the result of idiot in chief, Joe Biden. He appointed leaders to the Pentagon that cared more about “white supremacy” and wokeness than defending our country. The military does nothing about the hundreds of thousands that pour over our border every month.

They ignore the growing threat of Russia and China. They failed tremendously in Afghanistan, letting the Taliban take over. Oh, and by the way, China took advantage of that failure, making deals with the terrorist network for the many resources Afghanistan holds.

Many of the problems coming from China today are the results of Biden’s weak leadership. From day one, he proved he was not up to the challenge of confronting China. He deliberately sabotaged relations with the country, so that the CCP could do as they pleased. Clearly, Biden’s economic decisions have crippled the U.S., but given China a major upper hand around the world.

Why would we think Biden would do anything about China’s rapid military development? Will he bother to do anything if China invaded Taiwan? Or would he just bow to the Red Menace once again?

I doubt he’d do anything about China, if they marched across the streets of America.

Author: Sam Graham