Top DOD Official Blasts Biden Over Disastrous Policies

Many people have wondered just what is guiding Joe Biden’s policies since entering office. Many were shocked when he upset labor unions by shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline. That proved he was obeying the will of radical environmentalist groups, rather than the labor unions that supported him through the election.

Numerous other decisions he’s made have caused people to scratch their heads. Even Democrats grew uncomfortable at the shocking number of executive orders he’s already signed. Some complained he was trying to get around Congress to push his agenda.

Perhaps some of the most troubling decisions he’s made relating to our military. Biden’s head of the DOD called for a “stand-down” as the department rooted out supposed “white supremacists.” Despite a total lack of evidence that such a thing exists in our military, Biden wants to “purge” our armed forces of this blight—which could just be a cover for getting rid of conservatives.

Now, a former DOD chief of staff is calling out Biden’s terrible decisions.

Former Department of Defense chief of staff Kash Patel slammed President Joe Biden on Sunday over his administration probing the military for extremism…

“By their own spokesperson and their own secretary of defense, they have said they do not know the problem and whether it exists. They don’t have a name for it. They don’t have a solution for it. But they’re going to label it anyway…

“In my two tours at the Department of Defense, white supremacy is not rampant throughout the Department of Defense. That is outrageous and offensive to our men and women in uniform.” [Source: Daily Wire]

In all the time Patel has spent within the DOD, he says he never saw signs of white supremacy. He says suggest so is “outrageous and offensive” to the men and women who serve our country.

On top of that, Patel slammed Biden for ignoring the crimes China is committing to their own people.

“They are in genocide in China against the Uyghurs. That is factually not in dispute. And for the leader of the free world to say genocide is a cultural norm is outrageous,” Patel said. “Could you imagine if President Trump had said publicly that the Uyghur genocide in China, which everyone acknowledges, is a cultural norm? It would have been a global calamity.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Patel says Biden is “politicizing” our national security, ignoring major threats like China. And the left-wing media allows it to happen because they want to support and protect this liberal man. Joe Biden should be condemning China for what it is doing to its own people. But we all know Biden’s record with China. They could be bombing California and he wouldn’t say a peep.

It forces us to go back to our original question: who is guiding Biden’s policies on anything? For his DOD to be going after its own members—over a phantom threat. For Biden himself to dismiss something as terrible as China’s treatment of the Uyghurs. These do not look like the decisions of a thoughtful, principled leader.

But the decisions of a puppet, run by a globalist agenda.

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