Top Dem Senator Demands Masks at Airport — Except When She’s There

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, along with many other Democrats, has demanded all Americans wear face masks to “slow the spread” of COVID. In fact, Feinstein demanded the FAA create mandatory mask rules just this past June. Democrats have spread fear and condemnation to anyone who defies their orders. Except, just this week, Feinstein was seen ignoring her own demands at the airport.

I think it’s safe to say Democrats abide by a “do as I say, not as I do” policy. They make wild demands on the American public, from heavy taxes to strict regulations to abusive lockdowns to few opportunities. Yet when push comes to shove, not a single Democrat in D.C. is willing to submit to the very same demands.

Democrats want to defund police and eliminate the 2nd Amendment. But most of the liberal elite live in gated communities with ample security. They won’t face the same consequences as we would, if they destroyed our ability to protect ourselves.

Most leftists want to raise taxes to pay for bloated government handouts. But the rich never pay their “fair share” and they don’t need those terrible, government handouts.

The same has been true for the COVID lockdowns. Democrats across the country were all too happy to lock down entire state economies. It didn’t matter that thousands of businesses were shut down. After all, these politicians wouldn’t miss a paycheck!

They dumped a mountain of guilt onto Americans for refusing to wear masks (which have not been proven to work). Yet Nancy Pelosi was eviscerated when it was revealed that she broke lockdowns rules to get their hair done (no mask to be found).

Now, yet another old shrew from D.C. has been caught refusing to wear a mask—after trying to make them mandatory.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., was spotted without a mask at Dulles International Airport in Virginia on Friday despite having called in June for the Federal Aviation Administration to adopt “mandatory” mask mandates at airports, on airplanes and on public transportation due to coronavirus.

The photos, obtained by “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” show Feinstein on Friday near a man wearing a face mask while walking through Signature Flight Support at Dulles International Airport. The terminal services passengers flying private.

A traveler who was waiting at Dulles Signature at the same time as Feinstein said he was told he had to wear a mask. [Source: Fox News]

At this point, are we really surprised to see Democrats think they are above their own rules? Liberals never want to live under the very conditions they create. They shut down businesses, but expect to get paid. They force Americans to wear masks, but they themselves refuse.

Democrats raise taxes and destroy entire communities, but refuse to do that to themselves or their own homes.

Feinstein had demanded the FAA create “clear, nationwide, mandatory mask requirements” for everyone at airports. It didn’t matter if masks worked or not. Like most Democrats, the senator was on a power trip over COVID. She wanted to squeeze every last bit of control she could get out of this pandemic.

If she really felt that masks were necessary, why was she seen even for a second not wearing one? If masks are so effective, she wanted the FAA to force everyone to wear one, why isn’t she?

We can go around and around on this all day, but you know the answer. It’s really not about the masks. It’s about a Democrat who is all too pleased to subject you to pain and difficultly, but refuses to do the same for herself.

That was true about the Obama administration—and that will be true about Joe Biden, who promises to raise your taxes, cripple industries, and drive jobs away overseas.

Not to mention issue a nationwide mask mandate himself.

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