Top CNN Hack Comes To Biden’s Rescue After Afghanistan Falls

If you needed anymore proof that Mainstream Media was America’s Enemy No. 1, then here it is.

CNN’s Don Lemon defied all odds this week by sinking to an all-time low — even for him. He demanded that the American people “stop beating up” on Joe Biden for overseeing the single worst military failure in U.S. history. He called for a shifting of the narrative over Biden’s horrific mismanagement of the Afghanistan evacuation mission while hundreds (perhaps thousands) of American citizens remain stranded behind enemy lines.

Now imagine if Trump were in office and he was responsible for botching the pull-out mission so disastrously. Don Lemon and his CNN commie cohorts would have a field day, waxing hysterical in every segment, calling or Trump’s immediate impeachment. But speaking truth to power supposedly only applies when a Republican is in the White House.

“I think you have to give [the Biden White House] some credit for what, No. 1, getting out, and No. 2, getting as many people out as possible,” the CNN anchor said.

On Monday, as the U.S. military abandoned Afghanistan, the Pentagon revealed as many as 200 U.S. nationals are still trapped in the Taliban-controlled country. However, many believe this to be a low estimate. Sen. Lindsey Graham, and other Republicans in Congress, claim the number could be in the thousands.

As it turns out, Lemon’s position on stranding Americans in Afghanistan is the same as the White House’s, which can be summed up as, “you snooze, you lose.”

Lemon went on to say he “thinks people should stop beating up on the administration so much…”

Again, many presidents oversaw the 20-year war in Afghanistan, but only one thought it’d be a good idea to evacuate U.S. military personnel before American civilians and Afghan allies, shutter the strategically situated Bagram Air Base, and designate Hamid Karzai International Airport, which is located in a dense urban area and is currently surrounded on all sides by Taliban forces, as the sole evacuation point in the entire country. That president was Donald J. Trump.

Only one president created the conditions that led to hundreds of Americans being left behind. Only one president created the conditions that led to a deadly attack outside Kabul, which killed 13 U.S. servicemen and hundreds of Afghans. That president was Joe ROBINETTE Biden.

Mr. Lemon began his “program” by pointing out the supposed GOP hypocrisy in demanding answers on the botched Afghanistan withdrawal. Here the CNN hack proves that no issue is above snarky political catfights, not even when thousands of American lives are on the line.

He later claimed: “You can see getting all those people out was a success. You can see that.”

Apparently Don Lemon doesn’t watch the news. The Pentagon itself reports hundreds of Americans were left behind. Why he is playing dumb, claiming it’s “still to be determined” if American people are stranded, is an act of complete delusion for political purposes.

Be advised: watching this “news” program will cause you to lose numerous brain cells and/or cause your head to completely explode.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney