This 2020 Democrat Reveals What the Rest Are Planning for the Border

It’s obvious that all the Democrats running for the 2020 presidential nomination are radically opposed to Donald Trump’s agenda.

Even though his policies have been winning for the American people, these liberals want to undo all of them. In one area, they want a drastic change—one that will perhaps ruin our country for good. And one of their own candidates is blowing the whistle on them.

You don’t have to waste time watching the near-endless Democratic primary debates to know these candidates are out of their minds. Didn’t a few of them speak Spanish while answering questions? Yeah, that’s all you need to know about their intentions. These liberals aren’t interested in helping Americans, that’s for sure.

Their platform is specifically designed to undo all the good President Trump has accomplished over the last three years. They want to raise taxes through the roof to pay for their socialist programs. They want to restore “environmental regulation” that will destroy jobs. Their plans for health care would cost the country trillions (that’s you and me). And their versions of the Green New Deal would be just as bad as AOC’s.

But what they want to do with immigration is really shocking. President Trump is working tirelessly to protect our border and reform our immigration system. It’s no secret that our system needs major changes. Trump is on board with encouraging winners to emigrate to the United States, while keeping out freeloaders, criminals, and those who would be a burden. Democrats in Congress have refused to cooperate.

It’s only going to get worse, if one of these 2020 candidates get into the White House. In fact, one of their own have called them out over their plans for the border. Tulsi Gabbard blew the whistle on the 2020 candidates, revealing they are all for open borders.

Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard warned on Sunday that the other 2020 Democrat presidential candidates are promoting policies that are tantamount to having open borders, a policy position that she does not support…

“I don’t support open borders. Without secure borders, we don’t really have a country and while some of the other Democratic candidates will say, ‘Well, open borders, that’s a conservative argument and that’s not really what’s being advocated for,’ if you look at some of the practical implications of some of the things they are pushing for, it is essentially open borders.”

Gabbard noted that while she might not agree that a border wall is needed across the entire length of the U.S.-Mexico border, a border wall is needed in certain areas to secure the border. [Source: Daily Wire]

Woah, this is pretty serious. Gabbard is a fairly liberal candidate. And if she is calling out the rest of the 2020 field, you know it’s bad.

Those running for the Democratic nomination have pushed back hard on Trump’s immigration stance. Like most of the left, they aren’t interested in securing our border and improving the immigration system. In fact, they just want to turn a blind eye to the countless migrants who cross our border illegally every year.

Robert O’Rourke has said he’d tear down Trump’s border wall. Others have expressed support for sanctuary cities. They all seem to want to remove limits on immigration and do away with anything that enforces our laws.

Their plan is obvious. They want to flood our country with outsiders, people who refuse to obey our immigration laws to get here. Democrat don’t care what kind of damage that would do to our society. Not to mention the sheer number of criminals that will infiltrate our communities.

All they seemed concerned about is the well-being of outsiders. Not the concerns or needs of Americans. As Trump works to bring back jobs and keep us safe, Democrats want to tear down our defenses and welcome strangers into our country.

The choice is clear. If any of the 2020 candidates end up in the White House, you can say goodbye to America’s borders. Our rights, liberties, and prosperity would go down the drain. All so that the left can prosper.

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