These RINOs Just Guaranteed Funding For Biden’s Vaxx Mandate

What could have possibly been more important than ensuring Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates would no longer be funded by taxpayer dollars?

Four Senate Republicans failed to show up to vote on an amendment that would have defunded President Joe Biden’s remaining vaccine mandates, thus ensuring its failure.

The Senate voted on Sen. Mike Lee’s amendment to the continuing resolution, which would defund Biden’s remaining vaccine mandates.

[source: Breitbart]

The measure failed 46-47, with RINO Sens. Mitt Romney, Jim Inhofe, Lindsey Graham, and Richard Burr failing to show up, depriving Senate Republicans a potential majority to pass the amendment to the resolution.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer set the vote threshold to a majority, and it remains possible that he could have set the threshold to 60 if Republicans had enough votes to pass with a majority; however, Democrats broke and voted to defund Biden’s private employer mandate the last time they voted on vaccine mandates. This could have put more pressure on Democrats to support the defunding of Biden’s vaccine mandates.

Lee said after the vote, sharing a video of his Senate floor speech demanding to defund the vaccine mandates:

Two Democrats – Sens. Joe Manchin and Jon Tester – voted in December for a Congressional Review Act to defund Biden’s private employer vaccine mandate, but changed courses and voted no on Lee’s amendment, thus the bill failed to win any bipartisan support.

Tells you everything you need to know about Democrats!

The Supreme Court has blocked the OSHA vaccine mandate for large employers; however, the federal government can still enforce the other four mandates, which include the mandates on medical workers, military personnel, federal employees, and federal contractors.

Lee and Sens. Roger Marshall, Cynthia Lummis, Mike Braun, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz have led the fight to defund Biden’s vaccine mandates.

The absent RINOs garnered massive backlash from fellow Republicans, including Sen. Chip Roy, who has led the fight against Biden’s vaccine mandates.

You have to ask yourself: If leading Republican lawmakers are willing to allow taxpayer dollars to be allocated toward the funding of forced vaccinations, if they’re unwilling to stand up to at least that harrowing measure, then what will they fight for?

Author: Sebastian Hayworth