The Unexpected Upside To Trump’s COVID Diagnosis

When news broke that President Trump tested positive for COVID, Democrats quickly panicked. People all over the world sent in their best wishes and prayers for the president and first lady. The only group that showed any contempt… was the American left. But there is a reason they are so angry over the news: they know it’s only going to help Trump.

Many people, including some liberals, expressed kindness and support for the president after he tested positive for COVID. The outpouring of support among conservatives and other supporters was overwhelming. From world leaders to soccer moms, countless messages were posted wishing him a speedy recovery, and prayers for his good health.

Democrats, on the other hand, resorted to their same, ugly ways. Nancy Pelosi couldn’t help but criticize the president. The “comedians” on Saturday Night Live continued their insults. Late Night Host Stephen Colbert at first appeared supportive, but quickly took digs at the president. Some leftists news people, like MSNBC’s Joy Reid (and beached whale Michael Moore) even claimed Trump was faking his life-threatening illness.

Why so much hate? Why a shocking lack of humanity from a group that claims to be “more compassionate” than the rest of us? Because they know this news will only help Trump, right at a critical point in the election.

Trump’s battle with COVID could humanize him among swing voters, suburban women…

As President Trump continues his recovery from the coronavirus, his illness is fraught with political implications that could in the end serve as a humanizing, softening force for a president with a famously aggressive persona…

“Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome,” popular author and professor Brené Brown has taught. “Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.” [Source: Just the News]

Initial polling suggests this news has helped the president. It’s clear he’s not worrying about his campaign, but focused on getting better and continuing to serve Americans. His priority now is recovery, while not neglecting his vital responsibilities as Commander in Chief.

But it’s hard to deny the swell of compassion and support shown by millions. His videos announcing his condition and updates have been seen by tens of millions. Americans of all stripes are eagerly following his progress, anxious but hopeful he will recover.

This kind of trial has a way of changing a person’s attitude. Even Trump admitted it has “schooled” him on COVID in a way he didn’t think possible. Longtime critics of the president might now be seeing him in a different light—especially as they watch videos of the man appearing humble, optimistic, and kind.

Only a heartless person would immediately think of how this will impact the election. But it seems that’s just what Democrats are doing. Joe Biden is talking about the next debate—instead of just taking a beat to let the president recover. Democrats from the media and government quickly issued halfhearted well-wishes, before launching back into their evil attacks.

They were even disgusted by Trump getting into a car to wave at his supporters on the road. Some even claimed he should be prosecuted for exposing Secret Service agents to the virus. I kid you not:

At a time when Americans need to rally behind the president for his recovery, this is what Trump-haters are saying. Do they really think they will win over a single voter with this kind of insanity? Who talks like this, when someone is in the hospital getting treated for a disease? These idiots can’t pause their evil for just a day, to show respect for the Leader of the Free World.

And they think they’re going to win in November!

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