The Unemployment Statistics Democrats Are Desperate To Hide

By Jim Hoft September 24th, 2020 | Image Source: The Gateway Pundit

New data shows Democrat governors are killing the economies in their states and blaming coronavirus!

The link to the government’s data is here.

The seasonally adjusted national unemployment rate was 8.4 percent in July.

Here are ALL of the states which had unemployment rates above 10 percent in the government’s August state-by-state report released on Friday:

CA – 11.4 pct.

HI – 12.5 pct.

IL – 11.0 pct.

MA – 11.3 pct.

NJ – 10.9 pct.

NM – 11.3 pct.

NV – 13.2 pct.

NY – 12.5 pct.

PA – 10.3 pct.

RI – 12.8 pct.

The governor of EVERY state listed is a Democrat except in Massachusetts, where he might as well be a Democrat!

Imagine how much lower the already amazingly low national unemployment rate might be if these Democrat-controlled states (which make up just a bit less than one-third of the US population) weren’t deliberately holding back and choking their economies.

And here’s a bonus: That state-by-state report also lists unemployment rates for just a few of the larger US Metro areas. Here are the ones listed with rates over 10 percent, —

All of these cities are governed by Democrats!

Metro LA: 16.1 pct.

Metro Chicago: 12.1 pct.

NY City: 16.0 pct.

Metro Cleveland: 10.4 pct.

The hard-left mayors of these cities are making things even worse for their citizens than their hard-left governors.

The press will NEVER report any of this.

Author: Jim Hoft

Source: The Gateway Pundit: HUGE! New Data Shows States with Unemployment Over 10% Are ALL RUN BY DEMOCRATS Except One

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