The Most Disturbing Part Of Biden’s ‘Nuke’ Comments Might Surprise You

President Joe Biden warned citizens on Wednesday that they would need to equip themselves with “F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons,” if they were to successfully overthrow the federal government.

The comment was part of a larger point that Biden was attempting to make, falsely stating that there have been restrictions on the Second Amendment since day one. That’s right, Biden tried to sell to the American public that gun control existed in the 1700s.

Specifically, Biden said that in the time of the Founding Fathers, “You couldn’t buy a cannon,” and that there were limits on “what type of weapon” was permissible for civilian ownership.

Biden went on to spit out an incoherent word salad about “uh, blood of patriots. . . all this stuff. . .well. . . what’s happened is that. . . if you wanna think. . . think you need weapons.” Finally, the torture ends with his infamous statement about nuclear weapons.

Still, it’s pretty rich of Biden to suggest that his government couldn’t be overthrown by patriots with small arms when the government hasn’t won a war since 1946 and was unable to defeat farmers armed with AK-47s in over 20 years of action in Afghanistan.

In any case, even the left-wing propaganda instrument PolitiFact was forced to confess the obvious. Biden lied about the supposed ‘Cannon Control’ and PolitiFact adds that historians are “doubtful” that any laws existed in that time restricting individual ownership of such artillery. PolitiFact was forced to slap the president with a “False” rating.

This is almost beside the point, however, because the real issue is that the standing president of the United States is so senile that he believes that law-abiding gun owners are a threat that could “move against the government.” Check my memory, but the last time I heard threats along the lines of ‘take it all over’ or ‘burn it all to the ground,’ those cries came from Black Lives Matter and Antifa, not the NRA.

The idea of the Second Amendment isn’t to provide a means of any whimsical group of armed thugs to “move against the government,” rather it’s a protection of the citizenry against overreaching government oppression. The Second Amendment spells out the God-given right to self defense, and the Founding Fathers included it in the Bill of Rights because they understood the importance of keeping a government mindful of a citizenry which could defend itself against tyrants.

Author: Homer Graham