The Media Complain Trump Held One Rally in March, but This Is What Biden Did

This crisis has cast a perfect light on how dishonest and pathetic the mainstream media is. They have pathetically pushed the narrative that Trump neglected the virus—even though he was battling it months before anyone else. Their latest complaint? That he held one rally in March. But guess what Biden was doing back then?

Democrats in the media are really sad group of people. They are so entrenched in their lies, that they can’t imagine anyone not believing them. One of their biggest tactics is to accuse their enemies of the very thing they are guilty of (a scheme stolen from Nazis). Another is to rewrite history, as if we all didn’t live through it together.

You might remember how little the left cared about COVID-19 back in January, February, or early March. They were obsessed with the bogus impeachment trial and the Democratic primaries. Very little attention was given to the virus that was spreading around the world. Yet today, the media claims it was Trump who neglected the crisis at the start.

Their narrative is perhaps one of the weakest to date. Do they really expect us to believe their obvious rewriting of history? Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, Chuck Schumer and many others liberals ignored the virus and urged Americans to go about business as usual. Only after Trump spent considerable time address the problem, did Democrats give a rat’s ass. Yet they want us to believe Trump is the bad guy.

(By the way, have any of them been able to prove they were doing more than Trump early on? I didn’t think so.)

Now our pathetic media is accusing Trump of ignoring this threat, because he hosted one rally in early March. But they conveniently ignore this one fact about the Biden campaign.

President Donald Trump was criticized Monday for having a campaign rally in March while the coronavirus was spreading in the United States. Former Vice President Joe Biden had eight campaign events in the same month.

The president’s March rally took place in Charlotte, North Carolina, but Biden’s rallies were in future coronavirus hot spots such as Detroit, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. [Source: Breitbart]

How utterly depraved will the media get? Trump held one rally in North Carolina, a state largely spared from the virus. Biden held EIGHT rallies, many of them in COVID-19 hotspots. So, who really contributed to a possible spread of the disease?

Biden rallied with numerous Democrats during those events, including Gov. Whitmer, who has abused her state over the virus. Seems like neither of these liberals were all too concerned about the disease back then. Yet now, they want you to think the Trump was the one putting Americans in harm’s way.

This is pretty typical of the left. If we are to point fingers, Biden should be the one in the hotseat. He held eight rallies over the course of early March, as news of the virus grew. Obviously, he jeopardized the health of everyone who attended those rallies.

But is the media criticizing him? Are they calling him out for ignoring the threat? Of course not!

Democrats are giving themselves a pass for ignoring the virus for weeks and months. They did nothing to address the growing problem. They even encouraged Americans to ignore it themselves and travel. Only after signs pointed to serious crisis did they suddenly care. But instead of working to solve the problem, they switched tactics to blame the president.

And they wonder why we call them incompetent and corrupt?

It’s pretty hilarious to think how the media is protecting Biden in the midst of this crisis. Every day, we see the president working to protect Americans and end this pandemic. Biden? He’s been hiding in a bunker, making staged appearances on left-wing TV. Even then, he stumbles over his words like an old grandpa.

And they really think they can get him elected?

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