The Fart Heard ‘Round The World: Guess Which World Leader Let ‘Er Rip?

#PresidentPoopyPants strikes again!

Rumors have been swirling soon after he took office that Joe Biden can hardly keep his bodily functions too himself, often passing gas in front of elected officials, and as it’s been reported, in front of royalty.

The second-coming of Lyndon B. Johnson, who famously kept the door open while using the bathroom as a way to assert dominance over staffers, is among us in the form of a shell of a man they call Joe Biden.

Before Biden met with the Pope rumors swirled that the cognitively deficient president had a massive bathroom accident which caused him to be late. He was the talk of Rome and reporters were not shy to share what they learned on social media.

Of course the rumors were swiftly “fact checked” by mainstream media outlets.

But as we all know, when mainstream media claims to be “fact checking,” what they’re really doing is hiding the truth.

Now another incidence of Biden’s bathroom blunders is coming to light, making it ever the more difficult for mainstream media to deny.

The Duchess of Cornwall has reportedly been telling close associates Joe Biden made his own contributed to the global emission of greenhouse gases when he “farted” in her presence.

Camilla was apparently blown away by the smelly incident and “hasn’t stopped talking about it” since: “It was long and loud and impossible to ignore,” a royal insider said.

Ironically he has earlier pledged that one of the most important things society faces in the near term is to “reduce our methane emissions as quickly as possible.”

You really cannot make this stuff up…

At the diplomatic reception, which was originally supposed to have been hosted by the Queen until she was ordered to rest by doctors, Biden was seen sharing a joke with Prince William, at one stage placing a hand on his shoulder.

And to make matters worse, before his meeting with the British royal family Biden actually fell asleep! Sources say he was shaken awake by White House handlers as to not appear lethargic or, well, unconscious.

This wasn’t the first time during his European Embarrassment Tour that Joe Biden fell asleep:

Nor was this was not the first time the president has been accused of being less-than-professional by breaking wind during meetings with politicians.

In May 2020 he was accused of audibly farting during a campaign livestream.

On that occasion Biden was appearing with Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and as the candidate was speaking, he shifted in his chair, and a strange noise was heard.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney