The Biden Effect: America Becomes a Nation Of Freeloaders

What do you think is Joe Biden’s biggest failure? It’s hard to choose, I know. After only being in office for eight months, the man has a list of losses that would make the Detroit Lions blush.

Biden’s track record of failure started almost immediately. He ensured the energy sector would suffer, with a host of bad executive orders. But that was quickly followed up by historically bad decisions on the economy.

Even as the country was opening up, Biden pushed unnecessary unemployment aid. Millions of Americans were getting paid to stay home, as businesses suffered from a worker shortage.

The latest data is in and—even with that aid set to expire soon—the shortage is only getting worse.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, which showed 10.9 million open jobs for the month of July, much higher than the 8.7 million unemployed for the same month…

The widespread job openings despite heightened unemployment have been a talking point for Republicans who have opposed extending $300 weekly federal unemployment benefits, which expired over the weekend…

A Morning Consult survey from July reported 1.8 million Americans have turned down job offers, saying they prefer to receive government unemployment payments. [Source: Just the News]

Unemployment benefits may have been necessary during the height of the pandemic, when millions of Americans were forced out of work. But for most of 2021, the country has been open. Countless businesses from every industry have been in desperate need of workers. Yet idiot Biden made it so the government was paying people more to stay home.

And he wonders why we all hate him?

The Morning Consult survey proves why government welfare is so destructive to our society. There will always be freeloaders who prefer to sit at home than give an honest day’s work. Democrats prey on these kinds of people, exploiting them for support.

But the results are obvious. A prolonged worker shortage will lead to shuttered businesses, millions of bankrupt business owners, and the spread of poverty. Is that what Biden is angling for?

Or does he have another play? With so many illegals entering the country through the Southern border, we have to put them somewhere. And they all need jobs right? So, just as Biden is paying Americans to stay home, hundreds of thousands of invaders are looking for work.

When these lazy citizens finally do get off the couch, they might discover that their old jobs are now filled—by illegal alien workers.

That could have been Joe’s plan all along. But we also suspect that Joe Biden had no idea what he was doing. He makes rash, unthought-out decisions, then scrambles to fix them. Most of the time, he scrambles just to control the media narrative, as the problems get worse.

Needless to say, a lot of Americans are soon going to discover just how bad Biden is for their bottom line.

Author: Sam Graham