Texas Signs Most Aggressive Pro-Life Bill In U.S. History

While it may be bleak in Washington, D.C. right now, many conservative states are fighting to protect our values. Florida and Texas are leading the charge to combat Joe Biden’s radical agenda and restore dignity and prosperity to the American people.

Already Texas has launched numerous battles against the Biden administration. They are suing Biden over the border and various other policies. They struck a major blow against gun control, signing a constitutional carry bill into law. And they had previously passed a bill banning abortions after six weeks, often referred to as a “heartbeat bill.”

But the Lone Star State has officially gone further than any other pro-life state. The governor has just signed a bill that would outlaw the practice completely. What does it depend on? The ruling of the Supreme Court.

The bill would essentially end abortions in the state of Texas if a constitutional amendment is created that allows states to ban the practice, or if a court decides that states are able to take such action. It would potentially make Texas one of the first states in the nation to take the bold step in banning the procedure…

The law could go into effect 30 days after the Supreme Court overrules Roe v. Wade “as modified by Planned Parenthood v. Casey,” which would permit states to ban abortions. It could also go into effect if the Supreme Court issues judgment in another decision that allows for states to ban abortions or a constitutional amendment is created that allows states to ban the practice, as well. [Source: Daily Wire]

The new law depends entirely on a ruling by the Supreme Court over a case currently being heard. It addresses a law from Mississippi that bans abortions after 15 weeks. There is a chance that the court will rule in favor of the state—which would allow states to have greater power in determining the legality of performing abortions.

Not only that, but a major decision the court will make addresses whether “all pre-viability prohibitions on elective abortions are unconstitutional.” That means the court will determine if the original ruling that legalized abortions, Roe V. Wade, has limits. If they do, Texas and other states can impose strong pro-life measures, including banning the practice altogether.

This is a major win for pro-life Americans. Never have we seen in the last fifty years a state getting so close to ending this barbaric and outdated practice. Don’t be fooled, if Texas does ban abortions, Democrats will try everything in their power to oppose it.

The left makes too much money from the evil practice to simply let it end, even in one state. And if Texas is successful in banning it, it won’t be long before many others do so as well.

Funny, how all this is happening on Joe Biden’s watch. But it can only become a reality, because of the justices Trump appointed to the Supreme Court. Let’s never forget that.

Author: Mark Anderson