Texas Restarts Border Wall–With Materials Biden Abandoned

At this point, we need to acknowledge that President Trump’s approach to the border actually worked. And we know this for a certainty, because everything Biden’s done has been the opposite. Biden’s lack of border enforcement has led to a crisis, as over a million illegal aliens entered the country since he became “president.” Even as the situation continues to rage out of control, Biden’s DHS refuses to do anything to defend our Southern border.

Biden immediately ended the state of emergency that Trump used to begin his border wall project. Contractors were literally in the middle of building the wall. Biden’s move shut down the project, forcing builders to abandon taxpayer-funded materials in the desert. Those that weren’t ruined, Biden tried to sell off as “surplus.” But Texas appears to be having the last laugh. Because Gov. Abbott bought as much of the material as he could, to continue the wall himself.

“Texas is the first state ever to build a border wall,” Governor Abbott began in an exclusive interview. “A lot of the border wall is being built by border wall material that there was a contract for, Texas bought it from contractors who built the wall for President Trump. We’re building the exact same wall.”

“In addition, a lot of people saw on TV a lot of these border wall components like this that were just laying on the ground, that taxpayers had paid for,” the governor added. “Biden chose not to build the wall.”

“We found a way, by going through the surplus program of the federal government where Texas would be able to obtain these border wall panels and we obtained as much as we could, until Biden found out about it,” Abbott explained. “He put a stop to Texas being able to get it. There may be some other ways that we will be able to get more.” [Source: Breitbart]

Biden stupidly shut down the border wall project and tried to sell off the materials that were supposed to form the barrier. Texas bought up as much of the material as it could, before Biden got wind of it. According to Gov. Abbott, Biden stopped them from buying more of it. Biden is literally working against a state’s effort to secure the border. He refuses to even sell the materials, even as it helps the federal government’s budget.

How far will Biden go to put illegal aliens ahead of Americans? Abbott is spending state funds, totally unconnected to the federal budget, to build this wall. Texans are on board, especially those who live on the border (many of whom used to be Democrats, until Biden opened the border). Why would Biden try to stop Texas from building a wall on its own border—until Biden wants the border out of control?

It might sound crazy, but perhaps Biden thinks his party stands to gain from illegal immigration. No, that would mean they want non-citizens voting in our elections. Have Democrats done anything in recent years to weaken our election integrity? Oh… wait… they have.

Don’t be surprised to hear about Biden trying to stop Abbott from building his border wall.

Author: Bo Dogan