Texas Lays Down The Facts When It Comes To Widespread Voter Fraud

Even to this very day, Democrats maintain that voter fraud doesn’t exist. In fact, liberal-owned social media sites will post disclaimers underneath posts, assuring viewers that our election are safe and nothing bad ever happens.

But we know the truth. In some states, it is painfully easy for dishonest people to manipulate the system. Some states still have the names of dead citizens on voter rolls. Other states don’t bother to check ID for those who show up to vote. And others allow mail-in ballots, with little verification.

Even states with strong voter protection see significant attempts to undermine our democracy. Texas, for instance, has some of the strongest voting laws on the books. Ballot harvesting is illegal and voter ID is required for all voters. But even in a state like that, people try to cheat the system.

In fact, the Texas AG revealed that an astounding number of fraud cases are up for trial.

Attorney General Ken Paxton announced there are more than 500 election fraud cases pending in Texas courts.

“We will prosecute voter fraud every time we find it,” Paxton said. “Currently, our office has over 500 cases waiting to be heard in court.”…

His announcement was made after the latest individual was arrested on a voter fraud charge on June 23. Monica Mendez was arrested and booked into the Victoria County Jail after a Victoria County grand jury returned an indictment against her on multiple counts of election fraud. The Texas Secretary of State referred the case to Paxton’s office after allegations of illegal voting and other election code violations arose out of the 2018 Bloomington Water District election. [Source: Just the News]

Over 500 fraud cases are pending in court, which include 43 defendants. There are also 386 active election fraud investigations going on, according to the attorney general website.

The biggest one to come out recently involved a woman from Bexar County. She is being charged for a large operation, where she harvested ballots for both Republican and Democratic candidates running in 2020. Undercover footage revealed how widespread her activity was, shattering the left’s narrative that fraud on this scale does not occur.

The sheer number of cases moving through Texas courts should be eye-opening for most Americans. Even those who believe fraud takes place might have only thought they were small, isolated incidents. But these numbers disprove that. In nearly every election, in districts all over the country, there are people who try to commit fraud.

This only proves just how crucial election integrity laws are. Americans can’t just still back and assume nobody is trying to cheat the system. We need strong laws on the books that require voter ID, regular clean ups of voter rolls, and other rules that discourage fraud.

Ballot harvesting needs to come to an end, as does universal mail-in ballots. Unless efforts are taken in states across the country, we won’t be able to trust that our elections are secure.

Author: Matthew Anderson