Ted Cruz Torches CNN After They Go for His Kids

As the media is all atwitter over John Bolton’s “bombshell,” Ted Cruz stuck to the facts of the impeachment case. He called out the House’s weak argument against the president, and demanded Hunter Biden take the stand. When CNN tried to turn the tables on the senator, he smacked back with a brutal response.

It’s pretty convenient that, right after the House made a poor display during the impeachment trial, the New York Times releases their “bombshell.” Reports suggested that Republican senators were not impressed with Adam Schiff’s arguments against the president and were ready to vote to acquit.

But now that John Bolton’s manuscript was “leaked” to the fake news, anti-Trump senators are demanding he take the stand. Really? We’re supposed to change the rule of law because of a rumor reported in a biased, disgraced newspaper?

Clearly, Democrats orchestrated this to save their bacon. They are trying to use the media to manipulate the ongoing Senate impeachment trial. To get a few fair-weathered Republicans to side with the left and call up witnesses, dragging out this trial longer than it should.

Ted Cruz spoke to the press about this “development.” He made it clear that Bolton’s leak does not change the facts of this case. And, if any witness needs to appear before the Senate, it’s Hunter Biden.

“Look in my view, additional witnesses are not necessary,” Cruz said. “The House managers have presented their case. They haven’t come remotely close to meeting their burden of proof. Now that being said, if the Senate later this week when we vote, decides to go down that road to additional witnesses, I think at a minimum, the most important witness for the Senate to hear from, is now Hunter Biden.” [Source: Fox News]

Sen. Cruz explained very clearly why Hunter’s appearance was necessary. His role is at the center of the left’s impeachment attempt. While Joe Biden was vice president, Hunter was being paid millions by Ukrainian company Burisma. Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion from Ukraine, unless they fired a prosecutor investigating Burisma. That smacks of a serious conflict of interest and corruption, which is why Donald Trump wanted an investigation.

As usual, the media went to bat for Joe Biden and his son. Ignoring these details and serious concerns Americans have that Joe Biden broke the law, the press defended the Bidens. One CNN reporter actually tried to turn the tables on Cruz, attacking his children. Cruz was not having any of that.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) slammed CNN analyst Brian Karem on Monday for suggesting that half of Cruz’s two small children should be in prison…

“Hunter Biden got a job,” Karem said. “His dad was Vice President. If that’s a crime, shouldn’t half of your children be in prison?”

“My children are 9 and 11, I’m sorry you want to throw a 9-year-old in prison, but at this point my third grader plays basketball and softball at her school so stop playing the nasty Washington game,” Cruz responded.

“It’s not a nasty Washington game,” Karem responded.

“Attacking a 9-year-old?” Cruz responded. [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s so pathetic to watch CNN (and all the rest) defend Joe Biden and his son. Karem literally tried to downplay a serious case of conflict of interest and corruption. But we all know that if it had been Donald Trump and Donald Jr., they’d be demanding investigations.

Karem had the audacity of suggesting Cruz’s children should be in prison. Cruz smacked back by explaining to this fake newsman that his children are 9 and 11. Perhaps Karem should have gotten his facts straight before he threw out that insult.

Democrats are desperate to distract from the reality that if anyone is corrupt in this case, it’s Joe and Hunter Biden. They cashed in big on Joe’s status as vice president. The left launched an impeachment case just to stop Trump from uncovering the facts. This CNN buffoon insulted Cruz over it.

But Cruz put him in his place. And the American people aren’t buying the left’s narrative on impeachment.

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