Ted Cruz Grills Biden Nominee Over Obvious Hatred Of Conservatives

It’s no secret that the people Biden has been nominating for important roles in our country are far from ideal candidates. We’ve seen that many of his cabinet picks are radical activists. Some have even worked against the very agencies Biden wanted them to lead. Thankfully, some of these picks were rejected by the Senate. Others, unfortunately, now hold powerful positions within the government.

Biden continues his questionable nomination process with his judicial pick for the Southern District of New York. Dale Ho has a history of posting attacks online against conservative leaders, including several of the Republican senators who are vetting him. Ted Cruz confronted the man, reading out a post where Ho claimed his “righteous indignation” and “hate” for conservatives fueled his work as a “civil rights” lawyer. And it doesn’t seem like the man had a reasonable response.

“I would note, just sitting here, this may be a first in that you have tweeted attacks at multiple members of this committee including Senator Lee, Senator Cotton, Senator Blackburn, Senator Cornyn, and far from being intemperate statements when you were a teenager, most of these tweets occurred last year,” Cruz said…

“…imagine there is someone who considers himself or herself a conservative in the state of New York, who, God forbid, finds themselves in a courtroom where you’re wearing a robe. What comfort do you think that litigant would have that you described the hatred of conservatives… as a tremendous source of power for you personally? How does that possibly give anyone comfort that you would be a fair and impartial judge?” [Source: Daily Wire]

Where does Biden find these people? Out of the possible thousands of candidates he could have selected to be a judge, why did he pick a man that deliberately posted hateful attacks against conservatives online? A man who wrote about how his “righteous indignation” for millions of Americans fueled his work?

Ho responded to Cruz’s question by claiming the comments were just a joke. But the senator hit back by saying, “Well, that’s not what you said.” Cruz pointed out that hatred for conservatives is a “pattern” Ho exhibits in his writing that “also continues.”

Cruz’s concerns are well-founded. How can any conservative American believe they will be getting impartial treatment if Ho was their judge? The man has a reputation for attacking Republicans online. That is totally inappropriate for anyone who wants to be a judge. Judges are supposed to be held to the highest standards. They are required to show respect and consideration to everyone in their courtroom. And they are to hold the law above all else.

But it appears this Biden pick cares more about his partisan beliefs than the law. A conservative can’t trust that he will treat them innocent until proven guilty.

If this had been a Trump nominee, who posted hateful remarks against liberals, do you think the left would be so silent? Or would the media be having a field day, right now, slamming this man for his partisan and inappropriate behavior?

Author: Tom Smith