Ted Cruz Exposes the Left’s Latest Shame with New Bill

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

In recent months, Americans have been shocked at the behavior of key Democrats in Congress. Newly-elected liberals have been exposed for holding anti-Semitic views. Even after Americans demanded apologies from the party, the Democrats have been unwilling to reprimand their own. Now, Republican senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, is putting the left to shame with a new bill.

The Democrats have been getting one black eye after another. A party that once pretended to care about ending all forms of discrimination can’t even confront bigotry within its own ranks. They have tried to deflect from their own embarrassment by attacking Donald Trump.

But despite their endless attacks, nobody can truly accuse our president of being anti-Semitic. Trump has done what no other president even dared in his support of Israel and the Jewish people: he has declared Jerusalem to be their capital and moved our embassy to the city.

Meanwhile, Democrats protect their own members who have frequently expressed ugly anti-Semitic views. Ilhan Omar, the Somali, Muslim refugee just elected to Congress, was outed for her hatred towards the Jewish people. She has frequently made bigoted remarks about Jews and Israel. After her views became public, House Democrats refused to reprimand her.

Other notable, Muslim Democrats share similar views to Omar. The rest of the party does not bother to confront these hateful stances, despite the fact that–once upon a time–Democrats claims to oppose racism and bigotry.

Things have only gotten worse. Perhaps inspired by the left, a crazed gunman opened fire in a synagogue in California. The man was an anti-Trump maniac, spouting hateful views against Jewish people online.

Well, the Democrats might be doing nothing about this growing trend, but Republicans are. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is pushing a resolution that will condemn anti-Semitism, putting Democrats to shame.

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is planning to introduce a bipartisan resolution condemning anti-Semitism Thursday, a source familiar with the legislation told The Daily Caller…

The resolution specifically condemns the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) movement, which seeks to penalize Israel for their treatment of the Palestinian people without seeking justice for any other group. New language was added to the document in recent days after the shooting last weekend at the Chabad synagogue in San Diego, California, which left one woman dead…

The Texas senator has been working since March on the resolution, which began in response to the anti-hate resolution that passed the House. That resolution passed with a 407-23 vote, and came in response to comments made by Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, which questioned if some members of Congress have a “dual loyalty” to the United States and Israel. She later doubled down on those comments despite backlash. [Source: Daily Caller]

After Omar made her terrible comments, House Democrats passed a watered-down, pointless resolution. This came after in-fighting, because many Democrats were against condemning anti-Semitism.

Cruz, on the other hand, is coming out with a powerful resolution that seeks to unite both parties in their stance against anti-Semitism.

We’ve seen increasing hostility towards Jews recently. There have been numerous attacks at synagogues. Democrats have expressed anti-Semitic views. Even the New York Times published a cartoon with a racially-charged slam against the Prime Minister of Israel.

It’s hard not to see that the left is trying to push an anti-Semitic agenda. Why? Could be for many reasons. Many liberals support the BDS movement, whose goal is to rob Israel of its land and right to govern. Other reasons stem from the fact that Democrats have favored Muslims as a minority group in the U.S. That has given many anti-Semites greater influence in the party.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Democrats are no longer the leaders in ending discrimination and bigotry in our nation. They have lost whatever moral high ground they once had in this area.

Today, only Republicans like Ted Cruz seek to end all forms of hate and racism. His new resolution seeks bipartisan support, so that all Americans can stand against this kind of ugly hatred.

But will Senate Democrats bother to support this measure? Or will they fall to the same kind of in-fighting that tanked the House’s resolution?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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