Ted Cruz Blasts Biden With Release Of Disturbing Video – Demands Answers

The riots that have gripped the nation this last week brought devastation to many businesses. Claiming to protest the death of a black man, rioters looted and destroyed numerous, black-owned businesses. A video of a black business owner went viral last night. Sen. Ted Cruz shared the video, calling out Joe Biden’s support of the rioters.

As riots erupted from Minneapolis to the rest of the country, the Democrats did a peculiar thing. Instead of condemning the violence, they actually seemed to applaud it. Calling it “mostly peaceful,” Democrats refused to differentiate between those who demanded justice for George Floyd and Antifa thugs who burned cities.

Democrat leaders refused to call in the National Guard to restore order. What’s worse, many liberals paid cash to bail out rioters, so they could go back to what they were doing. In fact, thirteen of Joe Biden’s own campaign staffers spent money to release rioters from jail.

Now, Ted Cruz is calling out the Democrat candidate, with a powerful video.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) retweeted a video posted on the social media of a woman asking why her business destroyed if black lives matter.

“The problem that bothers me,” the woman said as she stood outside of a business in which she said she shares ownership. “You said black lives matter. Why don’t you choke me? I’m black. Look what you did to my store. Look what you did to my store.”

“@JoeBiden Why is your staff raising $$ for the people who burned her store?” Cruz tweeted.

“This woman lays waste to ‘Black Lives Matter’ that looted her business as she watched #BLM,” the tweet Cruz responded to said. [Source: Breitbart]

You can watch the video here. The woman was a part owner of Valentine Deli in Brooklyn, NY. Like so many other black-owned businesses, it was smashed up and looted over the last week. Black Americans had to watch as Antifa members incited riots against their communities. Democrats sat back and let these thugs destroy homes, storefronts, and countless other places of business.

The woman pleas to the camera, “You said black lives matter. Why don’t you choke me? I’m black. Look what you did to my store. Look!” It’s a powerful image that exposes both the hypocrisy of these riots and the Democrats who appear to support them.

Ted Cruz demanded answers from Joe Biden, whose staff are trying to get these rioters released from jail. Joe Biden has been trying to repair his reputation with black Americans after his horrible, “you ain’t black” comment. Yet he continues to support actions that harm black business owners and their communities.

If Joe Biden really cared about black Americans, wouldn’t he try to help rebuild these communities? Shouldn’t he urge Americans to end the violence and work to mend the damage? Instead his own staff are doing the exact opposite of what will help black lives.

Republicans have been leading the way to end the chaos. President Trump has been using the National Guard and military to bring these riots to a swift halt. He designated Antifa a terrorist organization, which will allow the federal government to bring it to its knees. And Trump campaign staff have been donated to businesses that were destroyed, so they can rebuild.

Joe Biden has yet to respond to the senator’s comments. He probably never will. He will hide behind the liberal media that will prop him up like some kind of white Messiah. Meanwhile, he and his party will continue to push ideas and policies that ruin black lives.

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