Team Biden Uses Brainwashing Tactics To Convince Americans Of His ‘Success’

Joe Biden’s administration is in a bad place, right now. I think we will be saying that for as long as there is a Biden administration. Each month, it’s a new crisis that some say could have easily been avoided. The latest to drag Biden down—and harm the American people—is the supply chain backlog.

What’s made this issue even worse is the fact that Biden’s transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg was MIA for two months. The man was on paid leave while America suffered a major crisis. Even since he’s come “back” Buttigieg hasn’t appeared to do anything to address the solution.

Now, he is trying to spin the crisis as a win, claiming this backlog of ships and a lack of workers is because of Biden’s success.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg faced criticism on Sunday over a remark… that the supply chain clog that is currently hitting the U.S. economy is partially due to how “successfully” President Joe Biden has managed the economy, despite skyrocketing inflation and millions quitting their jobs…

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX): “Dem talking points: ‘The supply chain is broken down, goods can’t get in & inflation is skyrocketing…because things are so damn good. And this will continue. By winter, things will be so good…there will be no Christmas presents whatsoever!’ CNN: ‘Mmm, yes that makes sense….'”

Houston Keene, Fox News reporter: “So let me get this straight: the economy is doing so well that the supply chain is crumbling? That’s not how supply chains work — that’s how recessions work.”

Geoffrey Ingersoll, The Daily Caller: “‘All this terrible s*** is happening because of the president’s huge success’ is bold enough to make Trump blush.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Clearly, the incompetent Buttigieg, who is unfit for his job, is trying to cover for his own failures. Is the supply chain struggling because Biden was “successful”? Of course, not. In fact, Biden’s own bad decisions contributed to the supply chain backlog.

The country was quickly reopening last year. As states ended lockdowns and lifted restrictions, people eagerly started getting back to work. That continued into this year, as Trump’s vaccines started to reach more Americans. But Biden derailed all that with a flurry of decisions that harmed the economy and hampered our recovery.

Government offices that handle shipping and imports were not fully open (and some still aren’t), despite the widespread use of the vaccine. Many workers in these industries still aren’t back to work, both because of Biden’s extended unemployment checks and his vaccine mandates driving people to quit. The rising cost of fuel and other resources has further hurt the supply chain, because trucking and other companies have had to scale back.

Biden’s terrible decisions have created a domino effect of failure that contributed heavily to the supply chain crisis. Steps could be made to help reduce the burden, but Biden and Buttigieg have failed to do so. Biden recently promised to speed up the system—but it’s months late. It will take much more time for the supply chain to get back up and running. Meanwhile, millions of Americans are suffering.

Author: Max Anderson