Teacher’s Unions Panic as Homeschooling Remains High, Post Pandemic

One of the most damaging results of the Democratic-led COVID shutdown was the shuttering of U.S. schools. Liberal states even shut down private schools, effectively dooming millions of students’ academic careers. Parents, forced to find a solution, resorted to a variety of alternatives. And one that they found to be far superior to broken public schools was homeschooling.

Teachers made the problem worse when they refused to reopen schools for nearly two years. Their corrupt unions greedily exploited the crisis, trying to force school districts to pony up more money. It didn’t seem to occur to their teachers that students were suffering, all the while. And that parents were finally waking up to the realization that the public schools put the interests of their children last.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised that fewer students are returning to public school, for good.

The number of parents homeschooling their children in the United States remains well above pre-pandemic levels, even as schools have continued to stay open and other restrictions have continued to ease.

In a review of select state data by the Associated Press, homeschooling rates fell by just 17% in the 2021-2022 school year after spiking 63% the year prior…

The AP noted that black American families make up a sizable percentage of new homeschoolers, with “the proportion of black families homeschooling their children [having] increased by five times, from 3.3% to 16.1%.” [Source: Just the News]

Well, what do ya know? Parents who were forced to homeschool their children realized it was a much better alternative to sending them to corrupt public schools full of incompetent teachers. Even after schools have reopened, more parents are homeschooling their children than ever before.

This is devastating to the liberal establishment in more ways than one. First off, public schools will see a dramatic decrease in funding over this, year over year. As school attendance numbers drop, cities and communities will slash school budgets to save money. In addition to that, teacher’s unions will lose considerable bargaining power.

They’ve been able to lord it over school boards—by claiming they were the only ones capable of teaching their kids. But now that parents realized that public schools were little more than daycares for their children—and that they can get a better education at home—teachers are in big trouble.

But more than that, Democrats will see the aftermath of this for years to come. Public school is one of the main ways leftists brainwash Americans into supporting their causes. They push evolution, anti-religious curriculum, and ideas hostile to traditional American values. On top of that, public schools are where kids are first exposed to sex, drugs and alcohol, and other destructive influences.

Remove all that from the equation, kids have a chance at reaching adulthood without their minds being warped.

With liberals losing such a valuable avenue of propaganda, especially among minorities, there’s no telling what might happen in this country.

Author: Bo Dogan