Teacher’s Union Fail: Homeschooling Surges Nationwide

At the height of the pandemic, we watched as teachers disgraced their own profession by refusing to work.

Although experts said it was safe for schools to open, given certain measures, teachers unions protested. They wanted more money, more benefits, and more privilege, or your children would suffer. In some cases, teachers refused to even teach remotely, despite the complete lack of danger.

Today, as schools reopen, a bigger threat looms. Liberal unions across America have tried to force leftist ideology into their curriculum. The toxic “critical race theory” is a rewriting of our history, to brand our founding fathers as monsters. Parents have fought back, demanding this curriculum be taken out.

It seems liberal teachers think they hold tremendous power over parents and families. They can shut down schools when they want. They can teach whatever toxic garbage they want. But they are quickly learning they definitely overshot their bows—as parents have found the perfect response.

AP cites data from the U.S. Census Bureau, which Breitbart News reported in early April, that found 11.1 percent of K-12 students in the nation are now homeschooling. That statistic represents a significant jump from the 5.4 percent who began homeschooling when schools closed throughout the country in the spring of 2020, and from the 3.3 percent who homeschooled prior to the pandemic.

Of particular note in the Census Bureau data is that homeschooling rates are surging among black families, in which the proportion of homeschooling increased from 3.3 percent in spring 2020 to 16.1 percent in fall 2020. [Source: Breitbart]

Wow. If we keep this up, we just might take our country back!

There is a reason Democrats have so maligned homeschooling over the years. They want you to think only odd, sheltered children are homeschooled—and they receive a subpar education.

But the stats say just the opposite. Homeschooled children excel in testing and required learning. They often finish school early, by the age of 16. Public schools in America, on the other hand, fall well behind nearly every other industrialized nation.

Not only that, but they have been used—for generations—by the left to poison your children’s minds. Public schools push ideas that contradict the religious traditions of many families. And today, they seek to spread damaging ideas that further turn the future of our country against its values and heritage.

And that’s not even getting into the push for transgenderism and social justice.

Parents who value their children’s education and also want to protect them from toxic politics have been opting for homeschooling. States have been allocating more resources to help these parents.

Ironically, the pandemic which was used by teachers to milk more cash from states, was instrumental in freeing many families from the scourge of the public school.

Democrats must be particularly scared that so many black families are homeschooling. They need to keep black Americans feeling oppressed and victimized. Without the propaganda from public schools, that job just got much harder.

Here’s hoping more Americans shake off the shackles of public schooling for good.

Author: Michael Anderson