Taxpayers Forced To Fund Closed Schools

It seems the last big fight over the pandemic is over our public schools. In recent weeks, Democrats across the country have voiced support of finally reopening their economies (conveniently after Joe Biden entered office). It remains to be seen whether businesses will even be able to come back.

But thanks to powerful and corrupt teachers’ unions, many public schools across America are not reopening. Sure, early on in the pandemic schools closed out of fear and concern. But it’s nearly been a year and the studies prove closing schools causes much more damage than reopening them. Don’t tell that to these unions though, they’ll accuse you of wanting to kill them.

Because of that, many school systems remained shut down. In some places, they don’t even offer online courses. Republicans in the Senate wanted to withhold funding for these schools. After all, they aren’t even doing anything. They proposed an amendment that would force Democrats to make their stance on the issue known. This is how they voted.

In a 50-50 party split, Senate Democrats shot down an amendment that would withhold taxpayer dollars from schools that refuse to reopen after teachers are vaccinated…

The proposed amendment for the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion coronavirus bailout bill was a watered-down version of the “Put Students First Act of 2021,” which would prohibit federal funding to schools that do not provide an in-person learning option by the end of April.

“Senate Democrats refuse to make reopening schools a priority even though our kids continue to suffer irreversible harm from school closures,” Rubio said. [Source: Daily Wire]

Senate Democrats, seemingly putting crooked teachers’ unions ahead of students, rejected a move that would have encouraged more schools to open. They want to keep giving these closed schools taxpayer dollars.

Now, you have to think very carefully about this one. Why do schools need money… when they aren’t even open?

At best, teachers are providing one hour of education to students via online classes. Children are left to fend for themselves for the rest of the day. School buildings aren’t being used. Utilities are obviously, not needed. In some cases, schools aren’t even providing meals. So… why did Democrats vote to keep giving these ghost schools our money?

Republicans slammed Democrats for putting “special interests” ahead of the science. But Dems and the Biden White House are bowing to corrupt unions that have been exploiting the virus. Teachers continue to claim that in-person classes will “kill” them. Despite the fact that transmission of the virus in schools has been proven to be “extremely rare.”

And mind you, this measure would have penalized schools that vaccinated their teachers. If teachers are vaccinated from the virus, where is the threat? Do they really expect us to believe that teachers are still in danger, despite being inoculated? Where is the science in that, teachers?

But science, facts, common sense, or what’s best for kids don’t matter to Democrats. They only care about pandering to corrupt unions that don’t seem to even respect the wellbeing of children.

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