Taliban Conducting Door-to-Door Executions After Biden Abandons Americans

Joe Biden was more than good to his word to the Taliban, as he pulled the last of our troops from Afghanistan before the August 31 deadline. The man has been incapable of keeping his word to the American people, but for some reason was more than happy to comply with terrorist demands.

The fall of Afghanistan has been unfolding since the moment Biden first pulled our troops over the summer. The pathetic excuse for a president ignored warnings from top officials and withdrew our troops, just as the Taliban was at fighting strength. It led to a chaotic evacuation that allowed ISIS to strike.

Now, Biden is trying to claim this was a victory, as our forces flee in defeat. They leave behind a country that has lost its democratic government. Afghans fear what the Taliban will impose on them. We can be certain the women and children will face the worst of it.

Already horror stories are flooding in. With the last American soldiers gone, the Taliban is free to enact a new reign of terror.

After nearly 20 years of U.S. control, Afghanistan officially fell into the hands of the Taliban on Tuesday when the last American plane departed from the airport in Kabul, leaving hundreds if not thousands of Americans and Afghan allies stranded. In the intervening hours, video has poured out across the Internet illustrating what the nation has become.

From reports of house-to-house executions to footage of Taliban fighters storming the Kabul airport with American uniforms to video of celebratory gunfire throughout the city streets, Afghanistan has quickly transformed into what NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel referred to as “an emerging Islamic emirate trying to find its way.” [Source: Breitbart]

Soon after the U.S. left the airport, the Taliban went swarming in. They took over the sections previously controlled by U.S. military. They were probably hoping we left behind more equipment that they could steal. Reports indicate that the Taliban are running around in American uniforms, shooting guns into the air in celebration.

Already, they are hunting down their enemies in the city. Other reports indicate they are going door-to-door, conducting “executions.” They could be looking for stranded Americans. Or they are very likely looking for Afghan citizens who helped Americans over the last twenty years. It seems like the Taliban are quickly establishing their dominance, wiping out anyone that dares oppose them.

For twenty years, U.S. forces have maintained control in the region. It was far from settled, but a democratic government had been formed. The Taliban has been pushed back into rural regions, with little influence.

But in just a matter of days, Biden allowed this group of killers to take an entire country.

Do you think those still stranded will be able to get out alive? The Taliban control the airport. There is no way commercial flights will resume. We can’t even be certain if any semblance of “normal” life will be seen in the region for months or years to come.

And yet Biden pretends like this is a victory.

Author: Matthew Anderson