Swing State Terminates Clerk Who ‘Lost’ Thousands Of Votes

The mess over Georgia’s election results will drag on for weeks yet. The secretary of state claimed the recount is over—but it doesn’t mean much when they recount illegal votes with legal ones. Expect Georgia to be included in the many battles brought before the Supreme Court.

We have good reason to suspect foul play in the Peach State. At least three counties “find” votes at the last minute on memory cards they forgot to upload. M-hm. These people had one job: to count every legal vote. And they couldn’t even do that.

In one county, a missing memory card at 2,600 votes. That raises plenty of questions. If that many votes can be lost in one county, how many more across the entire state were lost, discarded, or forged?

While we demand answers from our election officials, at least one of them is facing the music.

The chief elections clerk in Floyd County, Georgia, was fired Thursday after he failed to tabulate 2,600 votes that were cast during in-person early voting at the county’s administration building, an error that was identified during a recount earlier this week…

An election board member, John Scott Husser, also accused Brady at the meeting of repeatedly failing to “meet performance objectives” for his position…

The failure, he said, was the result of someone not doing “their job properly.” [Source: Daily Wire]

While we might be happy that this person who so utterly messed up got fired, we have to answer some real questions. How was this man no doing “their job properly,” when their job was so straightforward? It’s not as if this was some complicated task that required years of training or study. He just had to upload a friggin’ memory card—something even a child can do.

So, why was he so negligent? Was it simply because he was bad at his job? One supervisor said he repeatedly failed to “meet performance objectives” for his position. You have to wonder how a man this bad was able to get this job in the first place?

Or maybe it wasn’t negligence that produced this error. Maybe it was intentional? Given the massive problems coming out of the 2020 Election, isn’t it at all possible that this man “forgot” this memory card on purpose?

I don’t know for sure—but shouldn’t the county at least investigate that possibility? Maybe getting fired is the least of the consequences for this man.

The FBI, DOJ, and other agencies have been looking into problems with this election. Soon, the Supreme Court will weigh in on the issue. Voter fraud of any kind is as serious a crime as they come.

All I am saying is, we better know who was just “negligent” and who was committing crimes.

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