Stimulus Checks On The Way — But There’s One Major Catch

The increasingly radical House Democrats passed a whopping $1.9 trillion spending package on Wednesday, sending the bill to Biden’s desk. Not one House Republican voted for the package 

The measure is aimed at helping families rebound from the crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. It does much…much more than that. Crowbarred into the bill are billions of dollars in bailouts for poorly-ran Democrat cities and even more wasteful ‘pork’ having nothing to do with the pandemic. 

The bill does include $1,400 stimulus checks and bolsters pandemic unemployment benefits. 

Every House Republican objected to the bill, saying it was too expensive and focused on funding for non-pandemic related, mostly liberal, ventures. 

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke out against the bill. “This isn’t a relief or rescue bill. This is a laundry list of radical left-wing wishes that predate the pandemic. This bill does not meet the needs of American families,” he said.  

Republicans argue that the mammoth bill contains only 9% funding related to the pandemic and only 1% of the total goes toward vaccines.  

House Democrats won unanimous support for the bill despite initial anger from the far-Left wing of the party. Last week, the Senate stripped a minimum wage increase from the bill. They also reduced the income threshold for those eligible for stimulus checks and cut weekly unemployment pay by $100. 

Despite agitation from the far-Left, Democrats are now examining ways to make parts of the bill permanent. Medicaid expansion and child tax credits are currently in the Democrats crosshairs for permanent legislation. 

The Democrat spending bill also allows for prisons to receive $1,4000 stimulus checks. 

Republicans highlighted that not only have Democrats failed to spend over $4 billion in allotted COVID stimulus, but total COVID spending has now far surpassed spending in WWII — a shocking statistic. 

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