States Shutdown Economy for Months, Now They Want to Do This to Taxpayers

In response to the COVID panic, most states shutdown their economies. Millions of Americans were put out of work—against their will—as liberal mayors and governors made a big show of trying to control a disease. Now, with most states still struggling to recover, blue governors are doing the unthinkable.

It’s the ultimate case of adding insult to injury. Out of fear of what the media would say about them, Democratic leaders shut down schools, churches, and businesses of all kinds. There was little evidence to suggest the lockdowns would really stop COVID-19, yet these governors would rather destroy our lives than look bad on TV.

Over 40 million Americans lost their jobs. Billions were lost from the economy. The federal government spent trillions to try to keep things afloat. Yet after all that, the disease still lingers. Today, most states are only partially reopened, with many still out of work—unsure if their kids can even go to school in the Fall.

There is plenty reason to demand answers from our leaders. But are they willing to admit their mistakes? Is anyone in government trying to repair the damage their knee-jerk reactions caused to every last Americans? Of course not. In fact, these “leaders” apparently only care about their paychecks and pensions. Because across America, they are eagerly jacking up taxes to cover their debts.

Nashville council members last month adopted a 34% property tax hike as part of a spending plan…

California Gov. Gavin Newsom late last month hiked taxes by $4.4 billion when he signed a $202 billion budget, which did away with tax breaks for medium and large businesses…

Meanwhile, the city council in the liberal city of Seattle “passed a tax on businesses that spend at least $7 million in annual payroll, citing the pandemic…”

Other big cities are following suit. Philadelphia has increased fees on parking and raised income taxes on workers who live outside the city, while Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) said last month that a property tax increase to cover her city’s $700 million budget shortfall cannot be ruled out. [Source: Daily Wire]

These crooks shut down our businesses, denying Americans the right to work. Now they have the audacity to hit us with higher taxes!?

These are the same Democrats who arrested churchgoers and barbers, who denied businesses the right to open (in what could only have been un-Constitutional orders), and are now mandating we wear masks (despite sketchy science on the issue). They’ve gone out of their way to make the situation much worse than it could have been. And to top it all off, they want to take more money from people already suffering.

Are you now seeing why so many Americans are flocking to Donald Trump’s banner? He’s far from perfect, but there’s no way in hell that he’d push a tax hike after the last few months we’ve endured.

Democrats are so callus, so unfeeling, they’d they knock you down, take your wallet, and give you a few good kicks for extra measure. The economic struggles of blue states are entirely their fault. Yet they seek to make it worse with massive tax hikes.

Here’s an idea! How about all those corrupt, useless politicians get a pay cut! Use all that money to repair roads and bridges, not to mention the massive damage caused by the endless riots.

These tax cuts will lead to a new wave of Americans fleeing blue cities and states for greener pastures. Those that can won’t tolerate such abusive, crooked leadership. People are dying yet Democrats want to take more of our hard-earned money.

It’s time every last liberal gets their walking papers.

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