Stacey Abrams Called Out for Photo–She Is Maskless Among Masked Kids

Stacey Abrams is a far-left Democrat running for governor of Georgia. She lost in 2018, after a photo emerged of her burning the Georgia flag. She also is connected to the voting count controversy surrounding Georgia in the 2020 Election chaos. The woman is a progressive socialist who has more in common with corrupt Chicago politicians than she does Georgia residents.

Yet she still thinks she can win the state and turn it into San Francisco.

But fate is not on her side. We don’t even have to get into her policies, which would upturn the long-time conservative state. We don’t have to look into her connections with shady organizations. Or her role in widespread voter fraud. All we have to do is look at a recent photo-op, where the woman was seen not wearing her COVID protection but was surrounded by children who were.

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams faced intense backlash this weekend after a photo surfaced of her being the only person in a room full of children who was not wearing a mask…

Betsy DeVos, former Education Secretary: “It’s not that Abrams chose not to wear a mask. It’s that those kids and their families are denied the opportunity to make the same choice.”

Kayleigh McEnany, former press secretary: “The Left has betrayed our children with these totally insane COVID mandates. What a travesty. This pictures says it all!”

Guy Benson, Townhall: “Abrams campaign now playing the race card in defending that pathetic photo-op. Because of course they are.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Once again, a member of the radical left is exposed for her hypocrisy. How did Abrams and her team not realize how bad this would look? All these children (and the adults in the back) are forced to wear masks to maintain the establishment’s false narrative on COVID. Stacey should have been wearing one too—except she’s running for governor. We can’t have her hiding her face, right?

The only reason she was at that school was for a photo op for her campaign. It would have been silly for her to wear a mask. Those are the kinds of things going through her and her handlers’ tiny brains when they set this up. Normal people wouldn’t have cared that she wasn’t wearing a mask. But when she forced an entire room to put on the face diapers (which have been found to do nothing to stop COVID), when she isn’t wearing one is ridiculous.

It is literally a picture of the left’s notion that the rules don’t apply to them. How many times have we learned about Democrats who refused to follow the very COVID rules they forced onto others? Pelosi broke lockdown to get a haircut. Newsom partied with groups of twenty or more. Countless liberal city council members eat out at restaurants. Even Joe Biden lets millions of untested and unvaccinated illegals through the border.

And now, Stacey Abrams refuses to wear a mask, when she is the one at greatest risk in that room.

Author: James Mckensie