SOS Calls Pour Out Of Texas As Border Crisis Reaches Boiling Point

We’ve talked endlessly about how Joe Biden deliberately created a humanitarian and national security crisis on our Southern border. Hundreds of thousands of migrants have flooded into the country, with no end in sight.

As the administration and media ignore the problem, it only gets worse. We have heard reports about drug cartels, human traffickers, and other criminals making it across the border. Texas authorities have captured enough drugs to kill everyone in the state of New York.

Not long ago, border states Arizona and Texas put out the call for help. They are calling on other states to send law enforcement to help them secure the border. As Biden does nothing, the states are stepping up to end this insanity.

Now, Ohio will be sending reinforcements to get the border under control.

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers will join 300 Ohio National Guard troops along the Texas border at times this year to help with security and surveillance…

Troopers are expected to help local law enforcement with border surveillance, according to a news release from Gov. Mike DeWine.

A total of 14 troopers and supervisors plan to travel to Texas later this week for a two-week assignment. They will not be making arrests, according to DeWine…

About 3,000 guard members from several states are included in the border mission. [Source: Just the News]

In addition to the requests made by Texas and Arizona, the federal government has requested states to send National Guard troops to help secure the border. Funny, isn’t it? The government is fine with asking states to send their young men and women to defend the border. Yet Biden can’t be bothered to support policies that would make these deployments unnecessary?

(The requests from the federal government, by the way, weren’t issued until after AZ and TX put out their requests.)

Joe Biden removed rules set by the Trump administration that kept the border safe. He ended construction of Trump’s border wall. In addition to that, he ended the Remain in Mexico policy, which directly contributed to the surge of illegals within our country. Biden also ended agreements with Central American countries and even forced ICE to stop deporting criminal aliens.

Clearly, this guy wants a border crisis. There is no other explanation. You don’t end every last measure that was keeping the border safe and pretend like this surge was unexpected. Biden originally claimed he was just ending Trump’s “cruel” policies. But doesn’t that imply he had planned on implementing his own “better” policies?

Instead, he has done nothing, letting what could become one million aliens rush our border.

Yes, it’s nice that Ohio and other states are sending troops to help Texas. But they shouldn’t have to be sent in the first place. Had Biden just left Trump’s policies intact, or issued his own, the border would be safe.

But this man, clearly a puppet for the radical left, doesn’t care how much damage the border crisis will do to Americans. It will hurt more than just Texas, Arizona, and California. Every corner of the country could be impacted, as countless illegals invade our communities.

Until Biden reverses course, it will not end.

Author: Pete Smith