Social Media Explodes After Biden Appears with an Unusual Condition

In recent weeks, many people have become worried about 2020 candidate Joe Biden’s health.

After a long string of gaffes, even Democrats are concerned the former vice president is not fit to run for public office. Well, their concerns will grow worse after his recent appearance at a town hall. Let’s just say his eye isn’t on the prize.

Joe Biden is one of the oldest candidates running for president. That shouldn’t matter right? Being 76 isn’t a crime. Plus, he can claim with age comes experience and wisdom. After all, Donald Trump is only three years younger than Joe and he seems pretty fit.

Of course, age shouldn’t be a factor. Unless it comes with disconcerting signs that a person’s health is deteriorating.

Over the summer, Joe Biden has been singled out for numerous gaffes. These weren’t simple mix-ups of names or places. These were pretty significant fumbles, where he said things that even liberals were upset about.

Remember when he said “poor kids are just as smart as white kids”? Was that a gaffe, or a Freudian slip of Biden’s real beliefs on race? I don’t know, but it was pretty troubling. Twice he confused former British Prime Minister Theresa May with Margaret Thatcher. He confused the events of recent shootings, both the days and locations, only a few days after they happened.

At one point he mixed up where he just had an event and had to assure the audience, “I’m not going nuts.”

Well, something is wrong, Joe. And the longer you ignore it, the worse it’ll get. His campaign forced him to take a week’s rest. But when he got back on the trail, he was no better.

Now this. Biden appeared at a town hall even hosted by CNN. And while speaking on live TV, there was a disturbing thing happening to his face. See if you notice it.

Yep, that’s not Photoshop at all. The former vice president’s eye was filled with blood. Now, I’m not doctor, but when a person’s eye fills with blood—that’s not a good sign. It could be caused by many things. None of which will put you in a good mood.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s left eye filled with blood while he was onstage Wednesday during a CNN town hall on climate change, apparently from a burst vessel.

Biden was in the middle of speaking when his eye appeared to fill with blood, and he seemed not to notice…

Biden, 76, has already been facing questions over his age and health amid a string of verbal gaffes and mixing up details of a dramatic story involving three separate incidents related to Afghanistan. Biden also has a long history of health issues, including multiple aneurysms. [Source: Breitbart]

Listen, campaigning to become President of the United States is hard work. Candidates have to travel all over the country. There are long nights and many meetings. They are under tremendous stress. I get that. But have you seen any candidate’s eyes filling with blood over it?

Campaigning is a good test to see if a candidate is healthy enough to become president. Because I can tell you, it only gets more intense from there. This bloody eye might be a sign that Biden is under too much stress. Or, he’s suffering from a serious condition. Either way, he shouldn’t be running for president.

Remember, Hillary Clinton was so weak at times, she collapsed. Her servicemen once threw her into the back of a van like a sack of potatoes. She still refuses to admit what was wrong with her. And—big surprise—she didn’t win the election.

Perhaps Joe should just be honest about what’s going on. If he’s truly too old or sick to run, he should just bow out now. Or, if he just can’t handle the stress of running for president, he should admit that and end his campaign.

I mean, would you vote for a guy who’s suffering from serious illness or stress? I doubt it.

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