Sneaky Clause In Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Sends The Supply Crisis Into Overdrive

Although it was raging all year long, the Biden administration didn’t bother to address the supply chain crisis until mid-August. By then, delays in offloading goods from ports were costing companies untold amounts of money. And it was leaving store shelves bare and prices skyrocketing. But even as this problem grew, Biden’s transportation head was too busy on paid family leave.

Biden boasted that his administration was going to “fix” the problem. The best they would do was to force the ports to operate 24/7. That has not seemed to improve a situation that was originally caused by Biden’s own policies and bad legislation (he, after all, was paying people not to work).

But it appears this crisis could become worse, now that he’s gotten his infrastructure bill passed. Because a bill that should improve our shipping will make it much worse.

This week’s Golden Horseshoe is awarded to the Biden Administration and members of Congress who voted for the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, which includes $250 million for reducing truck emissions at port facilities, which have been crippled by record-breaking cargo backlogs for months.

Critics have attributed the bottlenecks to draconian California emissions standards that exclude up to half the nation’s truckers from transporting shipping containers to and from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the nation’s two busiest, which together account for close to one-third of total U.S. shipping cargo volume. [Source: Just the News]

One of the reasons there is such a backlog at these California ports is that they won’t allow nearly half of our trucks from even entering the state, because of their idiotic emission rules. When you have ships stuck in the ocean for weeks because they can’t offload their goods, the last thing you should be doing is turning away trucks.

Yet, thanks to Biden, that will become the norm everywhere thanks to this infrastructure bill. Congress will spend $250 million in an effort to force trucks to reduce their emissions. This means, current truck drivers will eventually be out of a job, since they won’t be able to afford to buy new trucks that meet the new standards.

This supply chain crisis will only get worse over time, as fewer and fewer trucks will be on the road. You thought it was bad now? Just wait until Biden gets through with this country. We won’t be able to buy a can of beans, because we have nobody to transport goods anywhere.

All in the name of “protecting” the environment. Funny, considering in the past we were able to both reduce pollution and make sure Americans weren’t starving. But it seems, in Joe Biden’s warped mind, you can only have one or the other. That sure seems to be his approach.

And we all know which one he cares about more.

Author: Thomas Samson