Sly Psaki Avoids Border Questions At All Costs

We might sound like a broken record discussing the border crisis. But the MSM has decided to all but ignore the issue. And as the months march on, the problem only gets worse.

Joe Biden deliberately created a scenario where limitless illegal aliens can flood the country. Border Patrol and the Department of Homeland Security are essentially powerless to stop them. Biden doesn’t even want captured illegals, some of whom have committed violent crimes, deported. Nor does he want to secure our border to prevent more from entering.

And the numbers don’t lie. This past June was the worse we’ve ever seen, in our history.

“CBP said that 188,829 migrants were encountered at the southern border, an increase from the 180,034 encountered in May. It is also a sharp rise since when President Biden took office — there were 78,442 encounters in January…”

The numbers from Biden’s border crisis are the worst numbers ever recorded by the Department of Homeland Security, which was founded in 2002. [Source: Daily Wire]

These numbers are grim and will have far-reaching consequences for our economy, national security, jobs market, and more. Yet, when they had a chance to confront Joe Biden this issue yesterday, the press were totally silent.

Reporters failed to ask President Joe Biden or White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about Biden’s worsening border crisis during their respective press events Monday…

Despite the catastrophe on America’s southern border, reporters failed to ask Biden about it when he took a few questions at the end of a press event during which he spoke in part about skyrocketing inflation. No reporters asked Psaki about the border during Monday’s White House press briefing. [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s obvious the White House tried to avoid questions about this last Friday, since they released the numbers late in the day. But this week, there were at least two opportunities for the media to confront the administration over this exploding problem. Yet they refused.

Joe Biden discussed the inflation crisis (which also is not going away) and at the end took a few questions. The media was silent on the issue. During Monday’s White House press briefing, not a single reporter questioned Jen Psaki about this serious crisis.

Does the media think this problem will just go away if they don’t talk about it? Are they so pathetically determined to protect an idiot like Joe Biden, they refuse to challenge on a problem he created?

I fight it pretty ridiculous that major news networks refuse to talk about a major news issue. It doesn’t matter that they are “liberal-leaning,” this issue will hit every last America.

What is Biden waiting for, before he deals with this crisis? Does he want every last town in America overrun by drug cartels and human traffickers? Does he really think the United States has the resources to babysit every migrant from the third world? He can’t even get funding to help real Americans—and he wants to bankroll everyone else?

Author: Timothy Jones