Shocker: Biden Finally Admits Who’s Really In Charge

Joe Biden is has officially become the old man in the family who can’t help but be brutally honest about what’s going on around him.

The dementia president often masks his brutally honest outbursts in humor to distract from the truth underlying his words.

Such was the case on Thursday when Biden delivered remarks on a winter plan to combat COVID-19 and the so-called Omnicron variant, which has been confirmed in the U .S.

Biden said he jokes with First Lady “Dr.” Jill Biden that Fauci is actually “the president,” during his speech at the National Institute of Health on Thursday.

Biden began his remarks by recalling a previous trip to the NIH in February, praising doctors and researchers for the work they’ve done to “save lives” and “create vaccines” during the pandemic.

He then launched into a comedy bit about whose really in charge, and much to the surprise of absolutely no one, Biden named Dr. Anthony Fauci.

You can watch Biden’s complete NIH speech here:

Fauci, who serves as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in addition to being Biden’s chief medical advisor on COVID-19, has been praised by the propagandist media for his role in fighting the pandemic, yet here we are two years later and still knee-deep in it.

China’s favorite immunologist has proven himself to be a media maven and publicity hound, basking in the spotlight the global pandemic has provided for him.

In addition to appearing on the July 2020 cover of InStyle Magazine, Fauci was profiled in a documentary shown in theaters and on streaming service Disney+ and was also the subject of a children’s book published by Simon & Schuster.

The Disney+ documentary was particularly fascinating as it allowed viewers a glimpse at Fauci’s home life. It was revealed that in Fauci’s office is giant portrait of himself narcissistically hanging on the wall.

But despite much of the praise he’s received, Fauci and his position on COVID-19 have not been popular among conservatives.

Along with his COVID-19 policies, Fauci has been criticized for his ties to experimentation involving beagles and gain of function research at Wuhan Institute of Virology, and has been accused of lying to Congress after he said he was unaware of NIAID funding the gain of function research at the Wuhan lab.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney