Shock: Former Obama Ally Is Agreeing with Trump

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The country has been split since Donald Trump entered office. It seems like everything the president does, the left tries to deny, counter, or ignore. Democrats have been determined to undermine Trump’s leaders, going as far as pretending major problems don’t even exist. Well, things are changing, and fast. Obama’s former DHS head appeared on Fox News, saying he agrees with Trump and the GOP over this one issue. Hold onto your hats.

Has there been a single issue Trump has tried to address that Democrats haven’t opposed? I can’t think of any. When President Trump signed an executive order to temporarily ban travel from terrorist-backed nations, the left rioted. When President Trump nominated two qualified men to serve on the Supreme Court, the left had a breakdown. When Trump and Republicans worked to pass tax cuts that would save Americans millions, Democrats called it “Armageddon.”

Geez, Democrats have become total drama queens.

But there is another problem that needs to be addressed. One that has blown up into a major crisis. The left-wing media has all but ignored it. In fact, when President Trump has spoken about this crisis, they openly called him a liar. Democrats in Congress refused to address the problem; they even shut down the government to stop Trump.

But now, Jeh Johnson, Obama’s former head of the Department of Homeland Security, has come out in support of the president. He dropped a bomb on the left when he agreed we are facing a massive crisis.

Where? Where else: the border.

Appearing on Fox & Friends on Thursday morning, Jeh Johnson, who served as head of the Department of Homeland Security under former President Barack Obama, acknowledged that indeed, President Trump and the GOP are correct in saying there is a crisis at the southern border of the United States…

“Brian, by any measure, 4,000 arrests in a day, 100,000 in a month — that’s the population of the city of Albany, New York, that suddenly shows up on our southern border in one month — is a crisis. And it’s a crisis because it overwhelms our border patrol and our immigration officials’ ability to deal with it, and it’s a crisis because you have to absorb that population somehow into southern border towns. And so it overwhelms the humanitarian effort on our southern border; it overwhelms our DHS personnel, and frankly, it all emanates from the crisis that’s been going on for some time in Central America.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The numbers don’t lie. The fact is, our country along the Southern border is being overwhelmed with thousands of migrants. These people are bombarding our border, making it impossible for Border Patrol and the DHS to handle it.

We know those coming over aren’t just families looking for work. There are criminals, drug cartels, human smugglers, and sex traffickers. Terrorists from overseas have also used our Southern border as a means to get it.

With such massive numbers coming every day, there is no way we can vet them all. The ones that aren’t trying to get asylum are just sneaking over, any way they can.

Johnson’s remarks fly in the face of what the media has been saying. The Washington Post even accused President Trump as spinning fiction as fact, just to undermine his statements about the border. They went on to say that there is no crisis at our border.

But you can just see the photos and videos to know that there is and it’s beyond the breaking point.

Former DHS head Johnson believes a long-term solution is called for. He thinks we need to intervene in the countries these people are coming from. That several administrations will have to work (and spend) to combat the poverty that is driving these people to leave.

That’s the nice, Obama-era solution. Spend our money to fix other countries’ problems. You know what would also solve the problem? A border wall.

Refuse to let these migrants in. Prevent them from sneaking over. That would require those Central American nations to actually do something about their problems, instead of dumping the burden onto us.

President Trump is building the wall, but it will be a while before the entire border is secure. Only with the support of Americans will our government be motivated to fix this crisis the right way.

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