Senator Who Voted for Impeachment — Seeking Trump Endorsement To Win Back Voters

The Senate voted to acquit Donald Trump of the House’s bogus impeachment charges. Yet plenty of senators cast their votes against him, a sign they wanted him removed from office. These senators had no regard for our Constitution or the high standard it sets from impeachment. Yet now, one of these senators is eager to win back Trump’s favor. He’s even saying he’ll endorse him in 2020.

Politics is sickening, isn’t it? President Trump is nothing like the fly-by-night, fair-weathered clowns that work in D.C. After his acquittal, Trump discussed how those who fought against him were doing it over “just politics.” Yeah, that’s right. They plunged the nation into chaos, disgraced our Constitution, and tried to remove a president over non-crimes… because of politics.

Americans want leaders who mean what they say. That’s why they elected Donald Trump. He doesn’t play the political game. He praises people who deserve it, and bashes people who act like dummies.

But that’s not how the swamp acts. These goons voted against him—knowing he would be acquitted—in order to appease their party. Just think about that. If they knew he wouldn’t be convicted, why bother to vote? It was all for appearances, to show their party that they would toe the line.

To normal people, that just sounds dishonest and cowardly. (Because it is.)

One of the senators who voted for to convict Trump suddenly seems to have a change of heart. If he had his way a few weeks ago, Trump would be gone. But now, he wants to endorse the president in 2020. Why? Because he comes from a very red state. How convenient.

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said he could potentially endorse President Trump for reelection just a week after he voted to convict the president for abuse of power, according to a report published Thursday…

Manchin, a conservative Democrat, has been known to cross party lines. In 2018, he was the only Democrat to vote for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and has endorsed Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, for reelection, a seat Democrats hope to flip. He also noted he’s voted with Republicans 56 percent of the time…

The West Virginia senator said he is waiting to reach out to the White House until things “simmer down.”

Manchin said he plans to hold a series of town halls in West Virginia – a state Trump won by 42 percent – to explain his vote to convict. “I owe it to them,” he told Politico. [Source: Fox News]

Joe Manchin is a Democrat from a deeply conservative state. So, he can’t be as foul-mouthed and hateful as something like Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi. He has to at least pretend to favor Trump’s principles, or he’ll be out on his ass.

Yet he had no problem casting his vote to convict the president over bogus non-crimes. Really, Joe? Do you think that will go over well for the people of West Virginia? He’s not up for re-election for a few more years, but something tells me they won’t be too happy about this.

Now, he’s hoping to win back their support by endorsing Trump for re-election. Think about that. The man wanted Trump removed, but now says he should be re-elected.

Is Manchin a schizophrenia? Did he forget what he just did? Or does he think the people of West Virginia will forgive his gross support of impeachment, because of what he says now? For a long time, Manchin seemed to be an ally. Thanks to his conservative base, he had to support the president to keep his job.

But impeachment ripped his mask off. He doesn’t care about the people of West Virginia or Trump’s agenda. He just wants to play the politics game, doing whatever he can to keep his job.

Something tells me it will not go over well for him.

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